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Trade Castillo, But Not for Burrell

By Mike Silva ~ December 5th, 2009. Filed under: Offseason Speculation.

It’s apparent the Mets main priority next week in Indianapolis is to trade Luis Castillo with the hope of replacing him at second with Orlando Hudson. Bringing in an offensive player of Hudson’s caliber, and gold glove to boot, is fine with me. I value up the middle defense and, despite what advanced statistics state, it appears he still would give you an outstanding double play combo with Jose Reyes. Hudson is also someone who has been begging to play in New York. That desire is something I think could help a clubhouse short of players with character, and at time, courage. The issues with the clubhouse is exactly why I would support just about any return for Luis Castillo to get Hudson here, but not for “Met Killer” Pat Burrell.

The publicized feud with Billy Wagner is common knowledge around these parts. Leading a team wide intervention against one player is normally not good for cohesion. There was a time the Phillies were looking to trade Burrell and his huge contract. You hear conflicting accounts about his impact on the Phillies clubhouse, but I was told he certainly wasn’t loved in Tampa.

Some may not care that Pat Burrell isn’t the greatest team player. That is certainly up for debate as I received perspective from only one member of the Tampa organization. The numbers on the field are equally concerning. Burrell isn’t an acceptable downgrade if the Mets fail to land Jason Bay or Matt Holliday. They would be better off with Johnny Damon in left field. The feeling is Burrell could spot Daniel Murphy at first base against left handed pitching. That is a good in theory since he has a career .916 OPS against lefties, but hasn’t manned the position since his rookie year in 2000. I can’t speak for his defense, I don’t remember, and there isn’t even UZR data for that season. It’s safe to say he wasn’t very good if they moved him to left. We also don’t need to get into how terrible an outfielder he has been- especially late in his career.

Even if Burrell does rediscover the bat he left in Philadelphia he is a very streaky player. The final year with the Phillies he went through great stretches (April OPS over 1.000) and had some horrible ones (.618 OPS in August). In 2007 he was horrible the first half and on fire the entire second half. Every player is allowed peaks and valleys, but Burrell comes across very feast or famine.

The good news is this is just a rumor- nothing more. In this age of new media even passing thoughts seem to come out publicly and cause a stir. Burrell fits so many things the Mets need that he is a great righty complement to Murphy, can play first base, give you power in left, and only is signed for one year. His salary matches up with Castillo as he is owed over 9 million next season. This would provide the Mets savings in a possible deal. His murky future on the field, and lack of positives off of it, make me think the Mets should look to trade Castillo in another deal.

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7 Responses to Trade Castillo, But Not for Burrell

  1. jonathan g

    what if the mets were to ask for carl crawford in return. with the cubs giving them milton bradley, the mets could sweeten the deal by adding players like santos, fernando martinez, even jenry meija. crawford is that type of player that is worth trading those guys for.

  2. Mike Silva

    Mets would love to have Carl Crawford, but not sure what Tampa’s asking price will be.

    All information we have been given is that Crawford will not sign a long term deal in Tampa, so wouldn’t be surprised if interest in him is gathered at the Winter Meetings.

  3. jonathan g

    Well im glad you think its at least somewhat of a possibility. Not to be one of those guys who lists his fantasy 2010 roster but, with the addition of Crawford, and then most probably Hudson, the Mets could then round off their lineup with the likes of incentive laden players like Glaus to platoon with Murphy. Even adding Molina in that mix would still be less per year than signing Holliday.

  4. Mike Silva

    I think Holliday is more of a possibility than anyone is reporting. Will have a column about that tomorrow with some theories.

  5. jonathan g

    I’m interested to see what you have to say on that. I guess if given the chance to get four diverse players like that for less than the cost of one like Holiday I’d take it. Not to mention, two of those guys would probably not be Mets in 2011 to free up salary if they wanted to go after a big starter like Halladay or Webb.

  6. Matt Pignataro


    Any players you can think of the Mets trading Castillo for?

  7. Mike Silva

    If Burrell brings Hudson and Holliday than I would live with it. I Liked the Millwood trade a heck of a lot better than the Burrell option.

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