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Victorino and Phils Getting Nasty

By Mike Silva ~ October 27th, 2009. Filed under: 2009 World Series.

Mike Harrington of The Buffalo News reported this exchange between Shane Victorino and a NY Post Photographer

The Phillies have a swagger about them. They’re the defending champions and are acting like it. Shane Victorino was aggravated by a New York Post photographer who tried to set up a picture of the Phillies outfielder holding a copy of today’s paper — which featured a photo illustration of Victorino wearing a skirt on the cover. He pushed the paper back in the guys’ face and told him to get lost.

Of course, the always classy Philadelphia blog “The Fightins” takes the NY Post to task for their photoshopping. Since the post doesn’t meet NYBD “decency standards” you will have to go over to the site and read for yourself.

Jimmy Rollins continued to insert foot in mouth by adding to his “Phillies in five” prediction by saying that he thinks “it’ll be very tough to take the series in 4 because the Yankees will find a way to win one game.”

Finally, there is the great display in South Philadelphia (see below) by Phillies fans who celebrated by throwing roman candles. Apparently the local news thought this was a “funny scene”. The best line of the segment is the reporter claims to have interviewed some of the more “intelligent fans”. Intelligent, Philly, and fans seems like an oxymoron.

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2 Responses to Victorino and Phils Getting Nasty

  1. Anonymous

    uh False, victorino may have initially been angry but he got over it, watch his interview he thinks it’s funny.
    it’s more immature on the nypost’s part to even put that picture up. what like “rookie hazing”?

  2. Jacki

    You are an idiot, New York is full of moron’s and you are calling us “unintelligent”. I am smart enough to know that your team is a bunch of celebs rather than an actual sports team like the Phillies. At lease I hear about my team in sports sections, not the gossip column about which hack actress or over the hill singer they are dating.

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