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Bargain Bin FA’s Mets Should Look At

By Mike Silva ~ October 25th, 2009. Filed under: Offseason Speculation.

Was taking a look at the free agent market and saw some names that might be a bargain or low risk/high reward candidates for the Mets. Here are my thoughts on some.

Chad Tracy – LH bat off the bench that could play both first, third, and the OF corners. Hasn’t performed well since his +900 OPS season of 2005, but maybe a change of scenary, and reduced role, would serve him well. Exactly the type of bench player with pop the Mets could use. Who knows, maybe he can hold 1b down if Murphy flops and Ike Davis needs more seasoning.

Omar Infante - If Luis Castillo breaks down next season who steps in? Wilson Valdez? Argenis Reyes? There have been rumblings about the Mets resigning Alex Cora, but what about bringing in someone that could play second, and five other positions? He has a good bat and a little pop. There were some health issues towards the end of the year so that would have to check out in the positive.

Jamey Carroll - Mets have been tied to him before. Basically the same rationale as Infante.

Rocco Baldelli – Has been plauged by health issues the last few years, but did well in a backup role in Boston. Couldn’t hurt to have a RH power OF bat off the bench. He is only 27 and perhaps he can still return to his early career production.

Brett Myers- We talked about him in the comments section of the Wang piece. His off the field antics make him a risky pick, but would make a nice addition in the back end of the bullpen or as a RH setup man. He might be a bit out of the “bargain bin” range, but who knows.

Eric Bedard – Many thought he might be a better acquisition than Santana during the 07′ offseason. Very injury prone and probably wouldn’t require more than an incentive laden deal. Has top of the rotation potential if healthy.

Brad Penny – rejuvenated himself when he left Boston for SF. Has the potential for top of the rotation output when right.

Ron Mahay -Historically tought on left handed batters. Was struggling in Kansas City, but did a nice job after he was traded to Minnesota. For crying out loud give Pedro Feliciano a break. Mets can’t go into 2010 with only one left hander in the bullpen.

Chad Bradford - Mets should have never let him get away after 2006 over the third year. This became more aggravating after they doled out money to steroid abuser Guillermo Mota. They got him on the cheap before the 06′ season and maybe could do the same this year. He still is only 34 years old and could be a great RH specialist.

Brendan Donnelly – Pitched well for the Marlins in the second half. His strikeout rate increased for the first time since 2005. Maybe he is finally healthy after a few years of injuries.

Jaime Walker - Same deal as Mahay and probably wouldn’t cost all that much.

I am sure there are others that we could add to the list. These are just who jumped out at me quickly running through the FA list.

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9 Responses to Bargain Bin FA’s Mets Should Look At

  1. tampamike

    Mr. Silva, love the vine for Brett Myers, knew you had it in ya. What about a one year deal for Hampton. I still think he wants to pitch and he did lead us to our last World Series. As for a role player for 1st/3rd/ and corner outfields, a trade for met killer Wes Helms would be ideal. Mark Loretta whose considered a guaranteed future manager would be nice to have on the bench too! I like your list though!

  2. MetsKnicksRutgers

    Mike Hampton? He of the 6.09 tRA since 2002? And Wes Helms since 2007 with wOBA’s of 290, 287 and 300 and career of 319. For a guy that only plays corner IF why go after him? We have a much cheaper option in Nick Evans.

  3. Mike Silva

    I think Hampton is out for the entire 2010 season anyway.

  4. tampamike

    Nick Evans, please be real. One nice weekend in Colorado doesn’t help us win any championships. Just see 2007,2008,2009 New York Mets. Veterans with winning backgrounds!

  5. Josh

    I recommend taking a look at Miguel Batista as a possible righty. I watched a Mariner’s game at the end of the season and Batista was throwing some serious heat, and strikes! The Mets could use a savvy vet that can throw strikes in the pen.

  6. MetsKnicksRutgers

    Tampamike — Huh? How is that evidence of a veteran with a winning background? Nick Evans is 23 he hasn’t had too many chances and all he has done in the minors is rake LHP.

    And i’ll use 1997 as some batshit crazy reasoning for my point. Livan Hernandez wasn’t a vet with a winning background yet dominated the NL. Nor was Beckett in 2003.

  7. Nate

    What about our problems at catcher? There arent any good FA Catchers out there. I say we trade for Jow Mauer. Jose Reyes, Mike Pelfery, Josh Thole & Fernando Martinez for Joe Mauer and/or/maybe not, Slowey. Sign Chone Figgins and Orlando Hudson to play Second & Short, Sign Lackey & Berdard/Penny and Trade Ollie P for Milton Bradley. Trade Luis for Juan Pierre/Endy Chavez. And Sign Tracy This is how the lineup will look
    1. Figgins
    2. Mauer
    3. Wright
    4. Beltran
    5. Francour
    6. Hudson
    7. Murphy
    8. Tracy
    9 Pitch
    1. Johan
    5. Niese

  8. tampamike

    metsknicksrutgers, Nick Evans! The guy that Jerry never played down the stretch, the guy that was demoted all the way to single A, the guy that saw a Psychiatrist! This is a guy that turns around a 72-90 team. Feel good stories don’t win championships. Career minor leaquer, watch out LHP oooh here comes Nicky!

  9. Mike Silva

    To be fair I think Evans was treated poorly by the Mets. Is he the answer? No, but I think he can help off the bench

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