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Phils Might Be Too Tough Even For Yanks

By Mike Silva ~ October 21st, 2009. Filed under: 2009 Playoffs.

After last nights blowout of the Angels in Anaheim many will be talking about the toughness of the Yankees. I would have to agree, but there is a team tougher and they very well could hold the best chance to deny the Bombers their 27th title: The Philadelphia Phillies.

I laughed at the Phillies in 2007, was annoyed by their persistence in 2008, and now finally might have to give this group its due in 2009. Unlike prior years, this year’s edition doesn’t have to rely on the failures of the Mets, but rather revel in their own resiliency.

When Jimmy Rollins double put the Dodgers in a 3-1 hole you had to finally give the Phillies the respect they deserve. Despite sleep walking through the early summer, having porous middle relief, and a closer only Rolaids could love they have put themselves in a position to be the first team since the 96′ Braves to repeat as NL Champs. This is no small feat in the modern era of extended postseason baseball. Many prognosticators will give them little chance against the American League, but virtually no shot if it’s the Yankees across the diamond. Those experts would be dead wrong to do so.

There are very few teams that don’t give away at-bats, even in the playoffs, but these guys are the toughest 27 outs I have seen since maybe the nineties Yankees. Whether it’s Utley working another walk, Howard hitting another bomb, or one of their complementary pieces, like Carlos Ruiz, coming up with another big hit they find a way to win. Cliff Lee might be the poster child for how going to the NL after years in the AL might be the best tonic for a pitcher. Ironically, this allows Cole Hamels to throw up stinkers and not completely kill the Phillies chances. Heck, for all his issues Brad Lidge still goes after the opposition with the game on the line. There doesn’t seem to be fear or a lack of confidence in the city of brotherly love.

Obviously the series isn’t over. There is the little chore of winning a fourth game over the Dodgers. Very likely it will come tonight against a former Phillie, Vincente Padilla, as they send Joe Torre home in five a second straight year. The fans are still the worst in sports and I don’t care very much for the city, but that doesn’t take away what this group is about to accomplish: a second pennant and a chance to put a ribbon on their run by beating the Yankees. Extinguishing the Mets and beating the Yankees in the World Series- What else is left? Maybe an Eagles Super Bowl? Let’s not get crazy its still Philadelphia we are talking about here

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5 Responses to Phils Might Be Too Tough Even For Yanks

  1. MJ

    Boy, is the a Mets fans worst nightmare or what? The Stankees AND the Philthies in the WS. I am apoplecticly pissed at the Mets and the poor ass job that has been done with this team. The Yankees have managed to completely remake their team in just 2-3 years while the Mets have once again floundered and become a laughing stock that is arguably the worst team in baseball. There are no words other than Omar should be run out of town. I can already see us Met fans having to endure yet another march of Yankees down the “Canyon of Heroes”. It will be just our luck for that to happen.

  2. BD

    Yo, the Idk what your talkin bout but, Philly Fans are the best in sports, way more passionate than NY fans. We follow every sport, unlike NY who just follows the winning. (IE. Yanks and Giants). ALso ELi is extremly overrated.

  3. Chitty

    Philly fans are you the best fans in the country Ask ESPN, FOX SPORTS polls I get it dude talk us up but put us down cause your in NY I get it

  4. Chitty

    By the way the METS SUCK and the yanks are in for an old fashion A– Whopping by a bunch of players that make half there salary yep believe it cause its gonna happen!

  5. Amy

    I was rooting for the Dodgers, but Congratulations to the Phillies and I hope they win the world series.

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