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How Does Bernazard With Boras Impact Mets?

By Mike Silva ~ October 19th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

So Tony Bernazard is about to join the Scott Boras Corporation. Apparently Boras is going to elicit Bernazard’s help in stealing Latin clients away from the competition. Knowing Bernazard’s history of how he poisoned the Mets organization I wonder if he will do the same with Boras clients that are interested in playing in Queens.

I would assume Bernazard is on good terms with Omar Minaya. If not for some quality journalism by Adam Rubin, Bernazard would never have been disciplined. Minaya was forced to fire Bernazard because of bad public relations. Having Bernazard working for the Boras might help the Mets while Minaya is still the GM.

I believe Minaya is not long for the Mets GM post. He already has lost power. Evidence of this is Jeff Wilpon reaching out to former Mets for minor league positions. Make no mistake about it Wally Backman’s eminent hire has nothing to do with Omar. I feel confident in predicting that short of another 2006 type season Minaya will be replaced at this time next year. So what becomes of the Mets/Boras relationship?

Money talks we all know that, but it wasn’t long ago that Steve Phillips angered Boras during the Alex Rodriguez negotiations. The Mets were persona non grata for about four years until Minaya took over and worked out a deal for Carlos Beltran. Would a Minaya-less Mets front office loss equity with Boras clients? Can Bernazard inject his poisonous corporate politics into free agency? At the very least the Mets might have to squirm and pay more for any player that is “Bernazard’s guy”.

Of course this is all speculation. None of us know the clout that Tony Bernazard holds with his new employer. My guess is that it’s far less than what he had in New York. The problem is that even a dash of Tony Bernazard has the potential for negativity. It’s possible his connection to the Mets may impact the organization long after his dismissal.

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  1. kranepool society

    The only thing Tony B would bring to Boras is his dealing with the MLPA fomr where the Mets hired Bernazard from.

    As long as the Mets contiune to be willing buyers in the Free Agent market they will always have a friend in Scott Boras.

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