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Can Ike Davis Change the Offseason?

By Mike Silva ~ October 14th, 2009. Filed under: Mets Minors.

Ike Davis continues to impress kicking off the Arizona Fall League yesterday with four hits and a grand slam. It certainly helped have a contingent of Mets front office personnel in attendance, including GM Omar Minaya. After producing an OPS of .906 in the minor leagues this season (.951 at Binghamton) is Ike Davis ready to play first base in Queens?

The Mets need some sort of power bat in their lineup. Matt Holliday and Jason Bay would be perfect, but money, years, health, and age are ominous factors when handing out a long term deal. If Ike Davis can step in at first base for the Mets it creates an interesting scenario:

1) They add 20+ home run power at an important position at minimal cost.

2) Makes Daniel Murphy expendable in a trade.

3) Makes it less necessary to sign Holliday or Bay. Davis producing anywhere near .900 OPS you could look more towards a Jermaine Dye, Bobby Abreu, or trade for someone with speed like Carl Crawford.

Can you take this risk? I think you can, but you should have a veteran brought in as insurance i.e. Delgado, Millar, or Chad Tracy. Don’t forget you have Chris Carter as well. Another benefit of this type of plan is that you can take the savings with Davis at first and invest in starting pitching (Lackey) and some bullpen arms. Of course, this only works if you beef up left field with a second tier power hitter.

Only time will tell, but Davis is heads and shoulders the best offensive prospect in the system. Wake me up when Fernando Martinez produces a month of the kind of baseball we have seen from Davis this year.

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10 Responses to Can Ike Davis Change the Offseason?

  1. Moses T

    I agree, let him and Murphy play it out in Spring Training.

    In the offseason we need to get a very good #2 starter, maybe spend $15 mil on Lackey, and they trade for Brad Hawpe (who is rumored to be gone).

    Now your team is pretty good, depending on how the rest of the team’s season are.

    If you spend $15 on Lackey, $6 on Hawpe, then you have about $5-$10 million left. Either look to bulster the bullpen, add another starter (Marquis), or get a 2nd basemen (Hudson/DeRosa) or a catcher (Molina)

  2. Andrew

    Fernando Martinez is also 20 years old. I like the overall point, but the cheap shot at a kid who was one of the best hitters in AAA when healthy was unnecessary.

  3. eddie

    The way i see it is that halladay is a must!Has anyone seen the stats on atlantas starting pitching staff?And well need to sign holliday or bay.As for martinez and davis lets hope they both become 25 hr guys.

  4. eddie

    i know this sounds crazy but i would leave murphy alone at first base and just look for more power at another position leftfield and catcher.I wonder if the mets had a everyday catcher that could hit 20 plus hrs and drive in 80 runs that would help a lot.I also would bring in the fences at citi field to match shea’s dimensions.

  5. big boy

    Again you show your lack of knowledge abiut baseball and the mets.

    This is what Martinez did in may of this year before he got called up. .337/.378/.663/1.041 with 7 homers, 20 rbi, 7 doubles, 1 triple aand 2 steals.

  6. Mike Silva

    Again – nothing like Ike Davis. Never been impressed with F-Mart and, just like Milledge, sounds like Mets machine hype. Davis, on the other hand, was a first round pick that was crowned “the next coming”, has struggled, and produced a better season in the minors than Milledge or F-Mart.

  7. big boy

    LOL nothing like IKE, do you even bother to look up stats before writing nonsense?

    His 1.041 OPS was higher than anything Ike Davis has done this year in any month.

    Davis OPS per month

    Oh aand BTW Martinez did that in AAA, not AA or High A like Ike and he is 2 years younger than Ike.

    Next look at some stats before you ASSume things.

  8. Mike Silva

    What Davis accomplished in a full season F-Mart has yet to do, plus F-Mart was unimpressive during his month stint in the big leagues. Wake me up when tools translate to a full season of production.

  9. big boy

    LOL, so you went form 1 month to a full year.

    accept the fact that you know jack squat about baseball ass you continuously post inaccurate statements about players.

  10. Mike Silva

    Keep waiting for F-Mart, although I wouldn’t hold my breath. Ike Davis is the real stud offensive player in this system – no contest.

    Btw- that one month that you cited included a very hot stretch. I don’t remember him consistently performing over the course of the 30 days at that rate. Very streaky. I don’t believe in F-Mart – sue me. For someone that doesn’t know baseball you continue to come here. I wouldn’t if I felt the same way as you – just saying

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