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Mets Deal Looks Good if Wagner Retires

By Mike Silva ~ October 13th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Mike Puma of the NY Post reports that former Mets pitcher Billy Wagner told the paper yesterday he’s planning to retire rather than pursue a closer’s job.

Many wanted the Mets to keep Wagner so they could acquire the two draft picks that his Type A status would bring. Perhaps the Mets knew of Wagner’s desire to “hang it up” and traded him for something of value. When Chris Carter was designated for assignment I thought the worst of the deal, but now that he is in the fold it actually looks pretty good. Now we all know the push by the Mets last minute to get Wagner to accept a deal to Boston. Remember, the Sox were in the drivers seat in many respects and, with the news of pending retirement, were more so than they thought.

I don’t know if the Red Sox are going to cry over the prospects they lost. Chris Carter didn’t seem to fit on a team loaded with DH’s, 1B, and OF’s, However, any player with power and reported plate discipline should be able to help a professional ballclub. Eddie Lora, the Gulf Coast League 1B, is raw, but has some nice power potential. Don’t forget the million bucks the Mets saved not having Wagner pitch meaningless innings in September. Perhaps that is where the ticket price reduction is coming from.

You have to give credit where it’s due, maybe Omar and company sold an expiring product for a couple of assets that may turn out to have value to the organization. Keep in mind that another source in the article thinks Wagner might need some “cooling off” and is talking out of the emotion of the season being over. It wouldn’t be the first time Billy doesn’t think before he speaks. In any event, it’s clear that Wagner is focused on what is right for his family.

As for Billy, he had guts because anyone his size has to work hard to having a long major league career. If he follows through with his retirement than his legacy will go down as a great regular season closer, but someone who couldn’t handle high leverage postseason baseball.

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