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Players Omar Should Take a Look At

By Chris Silva ~ October 12th, 2009. Filed under: Digest Contributors, Offseason Speculation.

This is going to be one of the most important off seasons in Mets History. The Wilpon’s need to show that they are serious about winning a title and Omar needs to convince the fans he’s the man for the job. Luckily, this team does not need a complete overhaul, but rather a few pieces and some good health to get back in the division mix. I think the first step to making this off season a success is for everybody to realize 2009 is over and you’ll probably never see a disaster that bad again. Seems like anything that could happen did happen. But, I do know that the chances of an entire team getting hurt in the same year are virtually impossible. Here’s a list of some player to inquire about that would fit nicely in the friendly confines of Citi Field.

Adrian Gonzalez – This should be Omar’s number one priority. This is the perfect bat to put in the lineup behind Wright. His game is identical to Rafael Palmeiro (Without Steroids). He’ll spend the next 10 years hitting .300/40HR/130 RBI’s. I think he’ll be on the market this off season and the Mets need to figure out how to get this deal done.

Derek Lee – You have to love the bat that he brings to the table. Fits very nicely in with the Mets situation as a one year stop gap till Ike Davis is ready to take over makes sense. Lee would add power to the lineup that the Mets had with Delgado. One year left on his deal at $13M could be a steal if the Mets can unload Castillo or Perez on the Cubbies.

Carlos Zambrano – Something tells me the Cubs have grown tired of his whacko antics and sporadic tirades. The Mets desperately need to put a legitimate #2 behind Johan to stabilize the rotation. I don’t see if being very likely they could get Zambrano, but it’s worth making the phone call.

A.J. Pierzynski
– Love this guy in the clubhouse and on the field. A.J. would bring his fierier attitude to the clubhouse and a nice bat for the back end of the order. He’s on the last year of his deal and Thole needs a full season in Triple A. He could be had as it looks like Tyler Flowers will be taking over full time duties in Chicago.

Paul Konerko – Not a bad fit in the lineup for a year. Don’t think he would be as good as Derek Lee in the lineup, but, still has pop in his bat and not a bad alternative if you can’t get your first choice.

Carlos Lee/Lance Berkman – This is probably the most farfetched idea as I don’t think Houston would deal either one. However, Berkman is going to be 34 going into next year and he may be getting antsy to take another crack at a World Series. He’d give the Mets the bat they need and give them flexibility splitting time between 1B and LF. El Caballo would definitely bring the best nickname that the Flushing faithful have ever seen. I think he’s more attainable as Houston might entertain getting out from under his big contract.

Matt Holliday/Jason Bay – This is going to be the biggest debate of the off season but I’m not sure either is going to leave their present situation. Holliday is living a dream world hitting behind Pujols and that would be hard to give up. I think he’ll re-sign in St. Louis, but Mets need to at least inquire and drive up the price on the Braves. Jason Bay fits very nicely in the Boston lineup and Fenway Park. Don’t see the Sox letting him slip away after his big season. I wouldn’t waste a whole lot of time chasing either of these guys.

Bengie Molina -  If you can’t come to a deal for Pierzynski this is the guy they need to bring in. I think Bengie would love playing here and he would be great for the pitching staff. Omir Santos is more than adequate backup to spell Molina so he doesn’t get too beat up.

Roy Halladay
– There’s going to be competition from the Bronx with him, but the Mets have surprised in the past swooping in and grabbing the prize. Even though he’s a bit up in age he’s the Big Game pitcher to pair with Santana. I wouldn’t give up the whole farm for him but for the right price it needs to be done.

Derek Lowe – Atlanta just didn’t seem to agree with Lowe this year and if he could turn back the clock he probably would’ve made a different choice. He’s grossly overpaid but I’d consider it if Oliver Perez was going back the other way. Taking on one of the Mets bad contracts, or coughing up some money, that’s the only way a deal gets done.

Felix Hernandez - I love King Felix. The guy has got all the stuff you’d ever want in an ace pitcher. The Mariners have to be completely crazy to give this guy up, but if they put him on the market you have to get in that mix. The Mets would need to pull out all the stops to get this guy.

Ichiro – Don’t get too excited as I think Ichiro will finish his career in Seattle, but, I’d imagine he’s got to be getting tired of losing. He makes a lot of money and isn’t getting any younger. Omar should make the call because he might just say yes. Perfect 1-2 punch of Reyes and Ichiro. It’d be scary to see what they do on the base paths.

John Lackey – This guy has all the tools to dominate in the National League but not at the expense of an $80M contract. I’d inquire about him but for nothing more than a 3 year deal at $10 -$12M per year. Not sure, if he’s the big money pitcher after he gets paid.

Brad Hawpe – Hawpe is a pure hitter and I think he could greatly benefit from the gaps in Citi Field. Seems like things are too crowded in Colorado and Hawpe is the odd man out. Probably could be had for a few minor leaguers.

Orlando Hudson – Loved him last off season and again this year. Perfect number 2 hitter behind Reyes. But, until Omar figures out a way to pawn off Castillo this is just a pipe dream.

BJ Upton – Didn’t have the greatest year in Tampa but a change of scenery could help. Upton needs to get some pressure off him and adjust the attitude. He’d be a good fit in the 2 slot and probably see better production in the NL. He’s realistic to get and might be a way to move Beltran over to a corner OF spot. Short and long term this could be good for both guys.

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3 Responses to Players Omar Should Take a Look At

  1. metsfan08

    trade for gonzalez, sign lackey and holliday and call it an offseason!

  2. jdon

    you won’t get Lackey for 10 mil—all his agent will do is point to Ollie and laugh you out of the room. you must pay for your mistakes in MLB.

  3. Les Gometz

    Great Post-

    I would LOVE to see Ichiro. Like you said- it doesn’t make much sense for him – but, man wouldn’t that be fun to watch. There may be exceptions but in general – the Mets minor leach coaches do not know how to instill baseball discipline. I would look to trade young talented, but undisciplined players at this point and hope to improve the entire minor league system on the whole within 5 years.

    On that note- Only trade for players that have never seen a Mets minor league coach. see Carlos Gomez for example.

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