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How Mets Could Learn From David Robertson

By Mike Silva ~ October 11th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Tyler Kepner had a great story about RHP David Robertson. I have said this season that Robertson is perhaps the most underrated reliever in baseball with his 13 strikeouts per nine innings ratio. On Friday he pulled a “Houdini” escaping a bases loaded/none out jam. However the part of the article that stood out was the following:

Robertson, soon to be a junior at the University of Alabama, had planned to return to the Crimson Tide. The Yankees were offering $150,000 after taking him in the 17th round that June, but Robertson expected to rise in the draft the next season. He knew he was worth more.

After watching him pitch in the Cape Cod League, the Yankees agreed. Robertson struck out about two batters per inning in the playoffs, and he did not allow a base runner in his four saves. He was on the mound when his team, the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox, won the title. Robertson was the postseason most valuable player, and the Yankees wanted to secure him.

They raised their offer to $200,000, an exorbitant sum for a player picked so low, but a bargain for a team that soon spent $46 million on Kei Igawa

The Yankees were willing to spend $200,000 on a player in the 17th round of the draft. Obviously that is way over slot and probably resulted in a nasty phone call from Commissioner Selig. I bet Hank Steinbrenner wasn’t invited to the Selig family golf outing that winter. Obviously that doesn’t matter now because the Yankees and Robertson are focused on a championship.

Compare this to the Mets, who picked Damien Magnifico in the fifth round and didn’t sign him. Keith Law went on to say that Magnifico was too “raw”, but stockpiling talented arms is what makes for a good farm system. The Yankees realize that some of these guys don’t work out. The Mets are the same team that would have let David Robertson walk over $50,000, but pay Tim Redding $2.2 million. Jeff Wilpon is also the same owner who patted himself on the back during his Monday WFAN spot for signing all three of his 2008 first round picks. Do you want a medal or a monument?

While Jeff, Omar, and David Howard watch the playoffs hopefully they will pay close attention to the career path of some of the Yankees young arms. You might be disinvited to a country club event or two, but drafting well and paying above slot can save you in the long run. Just remember David Robertson when you dish out $3-4 million for a right handed setup man this winter.

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  1. Joe DeMayo

    Mets paid their 16th,19th,25th round picks $150,000 this year. And they gave a 13th rounder $500,000

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