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Will It Be About the Team or Posada?

By Mike Silva ~ October 6th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

I didn’t hear the Jorge Posada interview live, but the transcript over at Newsday told me everything I need to know.

You could tell Posada isn’t exactly thrilled with the decision to start Jose Molina when AJ Burnett pitches in Game 2. The outsider may say it’s luck (Burnett’s BABIP with Posada is .309 versus .287 with Molina- not significantly different), but reality is that AJ Burnett prefers to throw to Molina. In speaking with Frank this has been the case all season. A happy and comfortable Burnett means more to me than advanced statistically analysis. So will Posada swallow his pride and do what’s good for the team: keep his mouth shut, accept his role, and help Joe Girardi and the Yanks win a title, or will he become the 2009 version of Alex Rodriguez batting eighth? How ironic that you finally get a relaxed A-Rod and Posada is the one that stirs the controversy. This move could potentially make or break the Yankees season. God forbid they get shut down in Game 2 and it costs them the series. Everyone will point to each Molina at-bat at how Posada could have impacted the situation.

Personally I think Girardi is doing the right thing. The Yanks have enough offense where they could carry Molina’s light stick. AJ Burnett performing well is far more important than four Jorge Posada AB’s. It won’t be offense that loses the ALDS, regardless of who they play, but more likely the starting pitching. More importantly, how will Posada react if this move backfires? Will he add to the tension with silence or transparent digs? Will his personal ego get in the way? Having played for the nineties dynasty the answer be obvious. To you and me maybe, but right now it sure seems like Posada might very well rock “team harmony’s” boat.

Boomer Kicks off Postseason with Dig of Torre

I understand David Wells frustration with Joe Torre’s comments in his book, but is it necessary to continue to hammer Joe? I think it’s unfair to say that anyone could manage the nineties Yankees. Sure, they had some of the best players, so it makes it a lot easier, but why did Buck Showalter fail the year before? Shouldn’t Torre get credit for balancing the craziness of Steinbrenner ownership, superstar egos, and petulant veterans (like Wells)? I always thought Joe Torre got too much credit for the Yankees success and too much blame for their failures. Sometimes in life you just have to let things go. Torre was honest about how David Wells made his job difficult. Perhaps Wells wouldn’t be so offended by it if it were not true.

If you missed Howard Megdal of SNY and I chat about the ALDS this Sunday you can download the replay here.

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7 Responses to Will It Be About the Team or Posada?

  1. Jason

    “How ironic that you finally get a relaxed A-Rod”

    How do we know A-Rod is relaxed? Or that he wasn’t relaxed last year?

  2. Mike Silva

    Go back to, if you can, pre-game interviews in 2006 with A-Rod before the Detroit series. I still remember one, it was on ESPN. It was the most tense I have seen the man ever. He almost bit his bottom lip off.

    You guys have got to start to examine people and think out of the box. Metrics don’t quantify everything. Remember, its the people that create the metric, not the other way around.

  3. Jason

    I don’t expect metrics to quantify everything. But if A-Rod being relaxed has helped him this year it will show up in the metrics. Because metrics measure what happens on the field.

    And I still don’t see how you can tell he’s relaxed.

  4. James K.

    Jason, Mike is an expert on interpreting facial tics and what they mean to that players’ relaxation and state of mind. Like Tim Roth on “Lie To Me.” You’re not qualified to take part in such armchair psychology, don’t you know that? :)

  5. Mike Silva

    I have to say, the wit from James and AA is quite clever – I am impressed!

  6. m

    So Posada is unhappy. Whats the big deal? I would rather see him upset than absolutely okay with it. He wants to be out there. You honestly think Jeter wouldn’t get upset if they told him he wasn’t going to start. Po said he’s upset, but he also said its about the team. He was clearly taken out of context. He’s been a Yankee for years, imagine how hard it is grasp that your not going to catch, especially in a playoff game. He’s a fiery character with a whole lot of heart. Thats the best part about him.

  7. Chris Silva

    The Posada thing is a bit blown out of proportion. I think the media is making a bigger deal about it than it really is overall. I’m sure Jorge bitched about it but I think in the bigger scheme of things he’s going to support Girardi. Remember, Girardi played a big part in his Jorge’s development during the late 90′s. I think there is a level of respect between them. This is no different than when Posada/Girardi platooned on the World Series teams.

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