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Scary Word: Overpriced Commodities

By Mike Silva ~ October 6th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post talked about the possibility of Omar Minaya trading mid level prospects for overpriced commodities. That should send a chill down the spine of every Mets fan out there.

The quickest way to fix a mess is putting together an easy, but risky, plan. Taking on expensive contracts like Derek Lowe, Magglio Ordonez, Gil Meche, and god forbid, Pat Burrell in exchange for prospects makes me feel less optimistic about 2010, and worried for the long term future of the team. Remember Jason Bay was a mid level prospect at one point. A year ago Ike Davis, although a first round pick, seemed headed to “mid level prospect” status. One needs to be careful about how you use that term because it could mean many different things.

If the Mets are going to bring on payroll, why not do it the right way. See if there is a young star that is unhappy (Miguel Cabrera?) with his current team and try to pry him away. Maybe you could do to another team (BJ Upton with Tampa) what other GM’s will try to do with Jose Reyes – buy low. Those are the kind of moves that will turn this team around in 2010 and beyond. Bringing in the next Kevin Appier, Mo Vaughn, and Jeromy Burnitz will make everyone feel good in December, but sick in June.

Fans want results on the field, not newspaper headlines. They have two decades of “winter meeting” championships. Those wins are like sugar cereal: you feel good for the moment, but in about an hour it wears off and you’re starving. Mets fans are smarter this time, I think, and will see through this type of plan. It’s a great way to sell season tickets, but it will fail in the long run. And, trust me, if you fool them with something like the above, the repercussion will be unbearable. No press conference or WFAN roundtable will save the team because the fans will have fled the scene for good.

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14 Responses to Scary Word: Overpriced Commodities

  1. Pete M

    It kind of doesn’t make sense. Why would you want Magglio or Burrell if you can sign Abreu.

  2. nm

    I agree, What is Ordonez’s option for next year? I think its between $15-18M, which is ridiculous. You can sign Abreu for a third of that price.

  3. RG

    Why is no one talking about the Mets and Adam Laroche? I know the Braves have an option on Laroche’s contract but they will probably decline it to save money.

  4. Tony

    They might have to take on Burrell’s contract to get upton, although I would try to work out a trade based on Pena. Moves that only revolve around a a bad contract with just one year left aren’t nearly as bad as those of vaughn, appier, and burnitz which paralyzed the team. But don’t give up value for them.

  5. JD in NJ

    Upton could be a nice pickup. And there are problem a number of other guys that fit into that catagory.

    They should do this like deciding what car to buy. First, hide the rpices, and figure out what you like and need. Then figure out if you can afford it! Doing this type of exercise should make them realize that guys like Burrell are not worth having at almost any price.

    Now, tying him into another player with a big contract to get the deal done, that can make sense, as long as the contract has some talent attached!

    Say they can get Upton but Pena and his contract comes along for the ride. Fits the budget, and really fills 2 needs for 2010 (an OF, and some power).

    Pena on a 1 year deal doesn’t block davis or murphy LT, and Upton can shift around if needed, and be here for years to come.

  6. Joe

    I would love to see the Mets get Carlos Pena for first base.

  7. mars

    I know Upton looks like a player, but you should take a close look at his numbers. Aside from 2007 they’re not very good, and moving seriously in the wrong direction. Additionally, his ML numbers we’re all that hot either.

    As for Burrell, I’d rather kill myself than watch him in a Mets uni. He sucks. Ditto Gil Meche.

  8. Chris Silva

    Upton’s numbers are not overly impressive, however, Tampa he’s seen as a cornerstone player and star. A change of scenerio and being seen a piece of something bigger could change some of the outcome. Interesting to see what players do when they’re put in different situations. Delmon Young has made tremendous strides this year in his development. Might not be the case if he’s still in Tampa

  9. Jason

    Wait what? Delmon Young had a .308 OBP this year.

  10. James K.

    Yeah, Delmon Young had his worst season as a major leaguer this year, but why let facts get in the way of a good story?

  11. mo reese

    The Mets have to think Big.They have to get Prince Fielder adn Roy Halladay,and not mess around with acquiring people other Teams can’t wait to get rid of.

  12. Bob

    What about Eric Byrnes? I know the Mets have stated they want to stay away from injury prone players, but with the exception of his hamstring injury in 2008, his 2009 trip to the DL was the result of being hit by a pitch on his hand. He won’t give us the 30+ home runs that a Matt Holliday or a Jason Bay will, but I believe his defense in left would fit well in spacious Citi Field. And don’t forget Byrnsie has some pop in his bat as well. He might not hit his usual HR totals of 25 for a full season due to our ballpark, but he will still give you good power and I’m sure he will make up for that in doubles. And one last thing, pairing him with Francouer with their energy and ability to lighten a clubhouse mood for that late September push are the intangibles that this desperately needs.

  13. Jason

    Eric Byrnes sucks harder than Jeff Francoeur.

  14. Chris Silva

    Out of the box idea with Byrnes. However, I can’t see it be feasible at the $11M he’s owed. Also, at this point he may be a fourth OF. I’d be more interested if Pagan wasn’t around. Although, there is talk about him being released and the D-Backs eating his money. You could bring him into camp for nothing.

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