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Could the Mets Lose Chris Carter?

By Mike Silva ~ September 28th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.


The Boston Red Sox have designated Chris Carter for assignment, according to a press release. The 27-year-old outfielder played in 13 games for the Red Sox in 2008 and 2009, and was hitless in five plate appearances this season. The New York Yankees claimed him off waivers a month ago in an attempt to complicate Boston’s roster moves, as Carter was thought to be the player to be named later in the deal that sent Billy Wagner to the Sox.

The Red Sox designated Carter for assignment to make room on their active roster for left-handed pitcher Dustin Richardson, who Boston selected in the fifth round of the 2006 draft.

I am not expert on the waiver rules, but a comment by 86′ Mets makes sense:

He needs to be outright released or placed on waivers within 10 days. If another team ahead of the Mets claims him, he can’t be recalled a 2nd time. It makes you wonder if he really was the PTBNL in the Wagner trade.

So one of these can happen:

1. Mets claim Carter and they also get another PBTNL in the deal.

2. Somehow the Mets already know that Carter won’t be claimed and this is part of the deal.

3. Carter was never the PTBNL. In that case, what the heck are the Mets getting for Wagner? The Single A player really doesn’t excite me.

This deal doesn’t look good if you gave Wagner away for nothing when you could have recieved draft picks.

Update 9:30 PM

There is additional speculation in the MLBTR thread that since the season is over in less than 10 days that Carter would fall into that category. SchmidtXTC mentioned that there have been reports of GCL talent coming to the Mets (there were a couple of interesting pitchers he brought up), but who really knows at this point. This trade is symptomatic of the season in its bizarre nature.

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14 Responses to Could the Mets Lose Chris Carter?

  1. SchmidtXC

    The original reports after the trade were that the mets were recieving two GCL players. There are a few guys there that are interesting (though young) prospects, and could be much better for the organization than a guy like Carter.

  2. Chris Silva


    Do you have any info on who those players are?

  3. SchmidtXC

    Roman Mendez and Manny Rivera are interesting pitchers. Both have decent scouting reports here: http://www.soxprospects.com/moreprospects.htm
    BA just had Raymond Fuentes as the #3 prospect in th GCL, his scouting report can be found here: http://www.soxprospects.com
    They have some guys on those pages who have graduated to higher levels as well, most of them can be found on that site.

  4. Mike Silva

    either of those pitchers would be acceptable replacements.

    Why wouldn’t they just send one of these GCL guys over now? They aren’t on the 40 man and and wouldn’t need to pass waivers.

    Something is really fishy about the Carter situation.

  5. Chris Silva

    I like both of those players also. Curious to know what the negoiations were on this one. Don’t understnad why they couldn’t grab one already either.

  6. Ceetar

    I don’t understand either. Carter obviously had to clear waivers. Sure. So either

    A. The Mets claim him before the trade is complete. Why didn’t this happen?

    B. The names never should’ve been leaked before he cleared waivers. The Yankees never should’ve had the opportunity to claim him. If they already had a claim in, the Mets should’ve known about it and not had him be the guy they were getting. or the Red Sox shouldn’t have been able to offer him.

  7. SchmidtXC

    Teams wait in deals like this all the time…in many cases they agree to a list of several prospects to choose and the recieving team take several months to evaluate the players. All of the youngsters will likely play winter ball in the dominican or venezuela, so it does make some sense for the Mets to take their time and gather as much info as they can. The Wagner trade was completed in the last days of the GL season…I’m sure some extra time could be used to make a decision.

  8. Chris Silva

    Both points taken. Interesting to see what’s going to happen. Good insight. I didn’t know about the guys before you sent me the links


  9. jsb

    Everyone assumed that Carter was the player. But thats why its to be named later. No one knows til the season is done.

  10. SchmidtXC

    I don’t like giving Sox fans credit for much, but that site is one of the best for minor league coverage.

  11. acerimusdux

    You are mistaking the rule. The rule is, a player who is designated for assignment must be released, put on waivers, or traded within 10 days. In this case, he will be traded. To the Mets. In 10 days. At which the season will be over and there is therefore no requirement to put him through waivers in order to complete the trade.

  12. SchmidtXC

    Carter cannot currently be traded due to the august waiver claim by the Yankees. That may or may not be the case in 7 days when the season ends, the cba isn’t very clear on that. It’s very possible that he won’t be eligible for a trade due to the fact that he was removed from the 40 man roster during the 2008 season, and the corresponding roster move must be completed. If he’s placed on waivers, it has to be done by next sunday (7 days) to comply with the CBA. Here’s a link to it…it isn’t very clear what the end of the season does to the situation. http://mlbplayers.mlb.com/pa/pdf/cba_english.pdf

  13. Chris Silva

    I’m hoping this is just a complicated situation that needs to be worked out. The alterior is scary that Omar was taken for a ride because he didn’t know the rules and the Mets end up with practically nothing for Wagner.

  14. Jason

    “Omar was taken for a ride because he didn’t know the rules”

    Wouldn’t be surprised, but probably not the case.

    “the Mets end up with practically nothing for Wagner”

    Will be true either way.

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