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Roger Clemens Responds to NYBD on Twitter

By Mike Silva ~ September 19th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

It’s a sad day when a former sports icon hits a new low. We have seen it with the A&E special on Jose Canseco earlier in the year and now Roger Clemens has turned to social media in order to spin his web of deceit.

The NY Daily News wrote a story about Clemens “tweeting” yesterday. Of course, most of the examples given were more propaganda from the Rocket about being wronged by Brian McNamee (as if anyone cares). This probably is a weak attempt by Clemens to stir public interest in his cause as he attempts to rebuild his image.

Since Clemens, and these are his words (via a spokesman), “is as direct and honest in his communications on Twitter as he is face to face” I decided to give him my form of direct and honest communication. After all, I pride myself on being equally direct and honest on twitter as I am in person. With that, I asked Clemens the following question:

@rogerclemens So Rocket when are you going to admit you threw at Piazza? Dont you think what happens to you is poetic justice for that act?

I didn’t expect a response since Clemens either lies or avoids the topic since it happened in 2000, but I was wrong. Here was his response:

rogerclemens @NYBD once again WEE-WAH

So there you have it folks, the intelligent discourse by the “direct and honest” former Cy Young Award winner. Remember, this is a guy that couldn’t win a championship until he joined a dynasty in progress. It took him a year and a half to finally contribute to the Yankees when he picked up his game in the second half of 2000. Of course now we know he had a little help from “his friends”.

Roger Clemens use to have an advantage over Major League Baseball. He could pick and choose his team, his schedule, bully people, and get paid handsomely in the process. Once he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar of steroids things changed. The Hall of Fame, once a lock, might never come calling. How great would it be to see Piazza getting his plaque in 2013 and Clemens sitting home? Maybe we could give us some direct and honest “tweeting” of Mike’s acceptance speech. Hopefully he won’t throw his laptop at the TV because he thought it was a baseball.

Bullies never win in the end Roger Clemens, don’t you know that? Instead of using the legal system to perpetuate your lies, why don’t you finally show some contrition? Don’t you realize your position its poetic justice? It’s for all the lies you spewed during your playing days. You never got what you deserved for beaning Piazza, nearly ruining his career, and the Mets 2000 season. They had to be nice to you on the stage of the 2000 World Series. I won’t forget that act. On a team of Yankees with class you had, and still have, none. It’s a disgrace that you donned the cap of the greatest professional sports franchise in history. My hope is that you never make it to the Hall of Fame and that you see Pete Rose inducted during your lifetime. At least Pete played the game clean on the field. What a kick in the fanny it would be for you to watch Pete Rose get inducted and you still sitting home with your lawyer planning the next appeal. Cheaters and liars may win battles, but they don’t win the war. Save yourself and your 459 followers (as of this writing) their time: stop the lies and deceit and apologize. Be sincere once in your life and don’t “misremember” the facts. Maybe that will get you into the Hall (this is what the campaign is all about right?) and give you the final piece to your trophy room puzzle.

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6 Responses to Roger Clemens Responds to NYBD on Twitter

  1. Jessie

    Mike, why don’t you say how you really feel? :)

  2. pep

    God how I wish Piazza would have grabbed Clemens by the throat and choked him after cold cocking that a$$wipe Posada.

  3. Spy Gear

    Cmon Roger, learn a lesson. All the players who have admitted using are vindicated. Its the liars we cant stand. I wish you never would have come to my beloved Yankees. You should have stayed in Toronto and faded away.

  4. Travis Bickle

    I loved the anti Roger rant. But to then give a hand to Piazza? Every writter in NY knew he was juiced. Seems like the wrong guy to compare with Clemons. Or are you the only one in NY who didn`t have a clue?

  5. James K.

    Obnoxious questions warrant obnoxious answers.

  6. Randall

    The real question is when did Silva stop beating his wife? This question also applies to the first four commenters. Well, not Jessie perhaps.

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