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Enter Sandman, Bullpen Session, Indictment, Quiet Season

By Mike Silva ~ September 14th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- Billy Wagner is no longer using “Enter Sandman” for his entrance music in an effort to unify the Red Sox bullpen.

- The situation at Yankee Stadium yesterday put a bow on the terrible performance this season by MLB umpires. Frank Russo mentioned to me that each home plate umpire is now part of pregame meetings. Teams going over that individuals strike zone for the night. Why can’t a strike be a strike and a ball a ball? Can we send out a memo to the umps and remind them that no one is at the game to watch them? A-Rod and Girardi deserves to be thrown out, but you can’t blame them for boiling over. This isn’t just with balls and strikes, but with the general sloppiness of the umpires. I have seen mind boggling calls throughout the season. I never remember the umpire’s errors being so noticeable and plentiful. There needs to be a sweeping evaluation of each crew’s performance and changes made for 2010. Of course, this is MLB which means nothing will happen and we will see more of the same bad performance next year.

- Bobby Ojeda’s indictment of the Mets preparation in spring training is a direct reflection on the coaching staff. Omar Minaya, surprisingly, appears to be safe. This type of story make you wonder if Jerry Manuel should be coming back. If the team continues to roll over to the competition during the last 3 weeks you have to seriously consider a change. What makes management think this type of attitude will change? I am surprised and disappointed at Manuel and his staff.

- Is it just me, but has Hideki Matsui had the quietest 24 HRs and 81 RBI’s ever? He struggled through much of May and June, but has been on fire now for over two months.

- The Tampa Bay Rays may have lost 11 in a row, but that didn’t stop them from dressing up and having a night out on the town this weekend.

- CJ Nitkowski talks about coming out of a recent game after 79 pitches. It appears that CJ believes many of the Asian teams are focused on quantity over quality when training. Remember last summer when everyone was up in arms about Brad Lidge throwing 90 warm-ups in the All Star Game? Apparently CJ has seen teammates throw bullpen sessions of 300, 247, and 165 pitches during his time in Asia. It seems we are at one extreme here in the US and they Asian game is at another. Whatever happened to a balanced approach to life?

- Red Sox owner John Henry is now blogging for NESN and talks about why everyone needs to “lighten up” about his sense of humor.

- David Wright is rooting for Pedro Martinez and the Phillies in the playoffs.

- If the Tigers are willing to eat the remaining $12 million on Dontrelle Willis contract is he worth taking a look at? 28 walks in 33.2 innings makes me think he has completely lost it for good. Can’t you imagine how much fun it would be to watch both Willis and Perez in the Mets rotation? Remember the days not too long ago when everyone thought he was the answer to the Mets rotation?

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1 Response to Enter Sandman, Bullpen Session, Indictment, Quiet Season

  1. MetsKnicksRutgers

    Apologies to Silva for posting on random threads, for I am still waiting for cablevision to install my damn interwebz.

    Frank, I call shenanigans on your statement that you have never spoke ill of the “Met Core”. Here is my argument:

    You had an entire paragraph complaining about Somers’ opinion. The fact he never mentioned ALS is completely irrelevant as is YOUR mentioning of it! Did the ALS aid in his “captain-dom”? Did his captaincy aid in the damn team winning? There is no evidence to prove either of these statements verifiable besides radio talk show hosts and ESPN’s asinine opinions.

    If you are one to jump from subjective reasoning to an objective fact i.e.: Gehrig/Jeter/Messier is the greatest captain in NY ever b/c I said so, then my hyperbole-dar is going to jump.

    So you take your opinions and state them as fact and that is why you are right and I am wrong. Your beliefs are spitting images of the type of nauseating bull-mess that spews from WFAN and the likes of Steve Phillips, Joe Morgan and Jayston Stark regularly.

    The belief in “great captaincy” or whatever is similar to this whole grission/chemistry argument lobbied against the Mets since Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. Beltran is soft, Wright can’t hit in the clutch, Reyes is flashy etc.

    I may be wrong, and you may have never said one of these things, but I find it difficult to believe you never stated the reason the Mets have failed the last 3-4 seasons was their cohesive negative grit factor.

    This argument is stupid, and I am the first to admit it. Do I know anything about Jeter’s personal life? No, it was a damn joke. Piazza neither but I do strongly believe he juiced: much more so than I believe Jeter has herpegonasyphillaids.

    With the exception of Megdal (and Mike Silva has grown on me, since he stopped his relentless bashing of the SABR world) this site is filled with the likes of your Dinosaur philosophies when it comes to baseball. You ignore the real reasons players are great and replace them with W/L, RsBI, and championships won, helmets fallen off rounding 1st etc. of which are absolutely terrible ways of determining the true value of a player.

    If you wanna ban, feel free (obviously). But do you really wanna lose one of the 7 comments you get a day? Shit if anything this should help you. Getting called out, you responding then me responding generates more hits for your site.

    The minute we find “Greatest Captain in his Team’s City” on http://www.fangraphs.com is the minute I will give your argument any credence whatsoever.

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