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Bklyn & SI Attendance Going in Different Directions

By Mike Silva ~ September 8th, 2009. Filed under: Mets Minors, Yanks Minors.

The NY Times ran an interesting piece yesterday about the attendance of both NYC minor league teams. This year the Brooklyn Cyclones dropped about 230 fans a game this season while the Staten Island Yankees have seen an increase of about 15% to an average of 6,000 per game. To put it in perspective the Cyclones averaged over capacity during the 2007 season.

There could be many reasons for this: the poor summer weather, economy, or just simply the novelty of the ballpark wearing off. The article seems to suggest that it’s a combination of the three, which I agree with to an extent.

It’s hard to compare the Cyclones and the Yankees because I think fans go to each ballpark with separate motivations. The Cyclones have a higher benchmark since they have averaged over capacity during their history. The nights where you have 500 plus standing room only fans can be attributed to the beach crowd. Go the beach, grab a hot dog, and watch a ballgame. You don’t have that in Staten Island and it’s simply about baseball. Let’s be fair, the Cyclones dropping 230 fans is essentially flat year over year and, as the article suggests, NYC tourism is down about five percent. In this economy flat is the new growth.

Some points to consider. First keep in mind the number of individuals who migrate from Brooklyn to Staten Island. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s $11 dollars to go over the Verrazano Bridge. You have to add that into the cost of going to a ballgame. I could see many Cyclones fans going to see the team in Staten Island rather than making the trip across the bridge. Also, the Yanks have won titles in 05 and 06 and have been a more successful than the Cyclones in recent years. Perhaps the winning has helped them draw a few more fans. Finally, there is the growth factor. The Yankees have worked to grow their fan base to a level that still is not commensurate with Brooklyn. The Cyclones all have one place to go, and that is down. 7,000 plus fans is nothing to sneer about.

I take only good news from this article. Despite lousy weather and a bad economy two Single A baseball teams drew about 13,000 fans a game. How many minor league towns could accomplish that? Remember, it’s not like NYC is short on entertainment.

In case you’re wondering, both the Cyclones and the Staten Island Yankees have made the playoffs. Both series begin tonight.

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  1. Ron

    The SI Yankees can attempt to take on more sponsors as their promotions at the stadium is something to be desired. In between innings this year there are few if any giveaways for the fans whereas Brooklyn is ALWAYS giving something away. They have added the “Beach Bums” for added entertainment and of course there is “King Henry” providing additional entertainment for the young and old fans as well. The Brooklyn Cyclones also have radio coverage of all their games via WKRB, Kingsborough Community College and also simulcasts on the web and they do a fine job when you are away from the ballpark. In the past WSIA, The College of Staten Island would broadcast all games for the SI Yanks. This is not the case this year. There is NO on-air coverage. One has to do some research and catch the game via the web, listening to the opponents play by play for the die hard SI Yankee fan to keep on top of the action both home and away. Even the SI Yanks homepage is not updated as frequently as it should be. For a team doing so well this is simply unacceptable for their fans. Hats off to the Brooklyn Cyclone’s management, THUMBS DOWN on the other hand to those who promote the SI Yankees in Saint George, Staten Island! So much more can be done for the fans and the community. Let’s shake it up instead of going through the motions daily. What’s your opinion fans?

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