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Since When is 27 Old?

By Mike Silva ~ August 28th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

So 27 is now old? I am kidding of course, but I find it amusing how some fans are complaining about the age of Chris Carter, the 1b/OF acquired by the Mets in the Billy Wagner deal.

I asked some writers their thoughts, and most didn’t seem very excited about Carter. You would hear “he is ok”, or “he was traded twice”, when asked their thoughts. Everyone is failing to notice the kid went to college and was stuck at the worst positions possible in the Red Sox system. I was laughed at for suggesting the Mets attempt to acquire Juan Miranda from the Yankees, but it appears that got another version of him from Boston.

Obviously Carter doesn’t appear to be an All Star, but I liked what I hear in terms of his power potential and plate discipline. Hey, steroid jokes aside, David Ortiz didn’t break out till age 27.  Another highly touted Red Sox OF, Trot Nixon, didn’t really realize his potential till 2001, ironically his age 27 season. Former Yankees prospect Juan Rivera didn’t develop till his late twenties. Let’s not forget that Matt Lindstrom was considered an “old minor leaguer” when the Mets trade him to Florida. The point is you just never know.

I am not saying that Carter will be as good as David Ortiz, or even Trot Nixon, but let’s give him a chance before we call him a 4-A player. I agree that it would make sense for the Mets get two draft picks for Wagner, but in reality, this team has a small window of opportunity. Draft picks won’t help them in 2010, but Chris Carter very well could. If they decide to pass on Francoeur (a mistake in my opinion), wouldn’t you like a Matt Murton/Chris Carter platoon in RF? Oh, by the way, Murton is 27 years old as well and played for four organizations, yet many fans are ready to throw Francoeur (who by the way is not yet 27) off ship for him.

We all love prospects, but let’s not judge Chris Carter by projections or age, because no one will really know who he is until he gets a chance.

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3 Responses to Since When is 27 Old?

  1. Jason

    Are people really complaining? “He’s ok” doesn’t sound much like a complaint, more like an accurate assesment of Carter’s skill. The Sox were looking for an impact bat at a corner IF position all year but never looked to Carter.

    27 is usually the peak for position players. If a guy is still in the minors at 27, chances are he won’t ever be a great player in the majors. Obviously there are exceptions, but really, Mets couldn’t expect much better than this.

    And they should pass on Francoeur, the guy’s career OBP is .310. That just sucks.

  2. Yankee1010

    I don’t think 27 is old in a vacuum. The issue lies in the fact that he is 27 and still isn’t producing in the majors. I’m not saying that he can’t produce in the majors, but a 27 year old in the minors is awfully close to being plagued by the AAAA tag.

    As for Nixon and Ortiz, well, it seems pretty clear that they both did steroids. We can debate the extent to which steroids aid a player, but they did do it, so it’s at least a factor.

    Carter might use the Mets’ situation to his advantage and break out. However, I think that by age 27, it’s fair to no longer be labeled a prospect.

  3. foxysox

    the mets are lucky to have chris carter. he is going to have a breakout season in 2010. the red sox dont like to use players who are not first round draft picks.


    and they suck. time to give the people who work hard for things a shot. its all politics in baseball.

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