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Victor Rojas Headlines NYBD on WGBB Tonight @10 pm

By Mike Silva ~ August 16th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Howard is on vacation tonight so there will not be a “Weekly Digest”, but I will be live from the studios of 1240 AM WGBB at 10 pm.

I will be joined live in studio by Mark Costello of Save the Yankees Gate 2, as he talks about his quest to perserve an important part of Yankee Stadium history.

Victor Rojas of the MLB Network will joins us in the second half of the show to talk about growing up around baseball, some of his favorite moments during his fater, Cookie Rojas, tenure as a Mets coach, and the numerous positions he has held in the game of baseball. We will also discuss the early success of the MLB Network.

Each Sunday there is a ton of great independent sports show between 9-11 on WGBB. Check out some of the other shows at Sports Radio NY, the official website of 1240 AM WGBB sports

If you can’t join us live at 10pm, no worries, we will replay this show on Blog Talk Radio, Monday night at 6pm.


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1 Response to Victor Rojas Headlines NYBD on WGBB Tonight @10 pm

  1. MetsKnicksRutgers

    Mike i gotta bone to pick with you:

    “Amazing how I am called anti Yankee over at RAB the same day I am advocating Teixeira for MVP. Of course, those that haven’t watched him play are bashing me at BBTF citing WAR and UZR. Real good ways to evaluate the MVP award. Thank god we have members of the BBWAA making these calls and not give the vote to the fans. That is how we get the same nonsense All Star starting lineups.”

    Why are you so antagonistic towards the SABR world? I just don’t understand it. You ask to learn more about these measures and then you don’t give them any consideration, followed by the drivel above that you wouldn’t think of posting at BBTF or AA. Your eyes deceive you much much more than numbers do. And you want the most clear cut numbers possible for the Tex vs Mauer?

    Mauer OPS: 1077

    Tex OPS: 947

    In a much smaller ballpark playing a much less demanding position. Is it mauer’s fault that the Twins aren’t that good? What about Pujols not winning the MVP when Howard did? Pujols is a god amongst men, and because La Russa is a crappy manager or the cards had a crap team should he be discounted from the MVP voting?

    This is an INDIVIDUAL team sport. Pitcher against batter. Because one player is other-worldly (as Mauer has been) doesn’t mean the team will be amazing. Especially when compared to a near 200 million dollar payroll team.

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