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Schoeneweis Situation Puts Things in Perspective

By Mike Silva ~ August 12th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

The Arizona Diamondback have put former Mets pitcher Scott Schoeneweis on the disabled list because of depression. Everyone who follows baseball knows that Schoeneweis wife, Gabrielle, was found dead at their home back in May. The fact that Schoeneweis is suing to keep his wife’s death records sealed tells you how difficult this must be for Scott.

We, including this website, often take baseball very seriously. There is a lot of money thrown around the sport and we demand the best effort and results from the local teams. Scott Schoeneweis was vilified during his time with the Mets, often unfairly, because of mediocre results. I always liked to point out that he did exactly what he was signed to do – get out left handed batters. Misuse by Willie Randolph, and a shallow bullpen in 2008, forced Schoeneweis into a crossover role that he was incapable of doing effectively. Ironically, the Mets could have used someone like Scott Schoeneweis this year as they lack a second lefty out of the bullpen. Alas, the team traded him to Arizona. Many thought it would have been too difficult to keep Schoeneweis around the unforgiving New York fans.

Last night Kevin Burkhardt reported that he spoke to Schoeneweis who feels he has lost both his wife and career during the same season. I would never wish this type of pain on anyone, much less someone like Schoeneweis, who seems to be an all around good guy.

Obviously you have to separate the person from the player. The venom that gets spewed most certainly gets out of control. It amazes me how even sites like this get attacked personally for just stating an opinion. It’s baseball people, nothing more. You can take it seriously, but need to put it in its proper place. Next time you are angry and wish ill against a player, or another member of the baseball community, think about the Scott Schoeneweis situation. Hopefully it will give you pause and perspective. I know it did for me.

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10 Responses to Schoeneweis Situation Puts Things in Perspective

  1. Cox

    Mike, did you really just use Scott Schoeneweis’ deceased wife to complain about people “attacking” your talk radio opinion, fake rumor starting shithole of a blog? Is that what just happened? Because, you know, that’s kind of despicable.

    Most Mets fans don’t hate Scott Schoeneweis the person. They sure didn’t like Scott Schoeneweis, the below average relief pitcher who pitched for the Mets in 2007 and 2008, but I don’t think most Mets fans knew Scott Schoeneweis the person and can’t vouch for him one way or another. After two years of below average relief work, were Mets fans supposed to love the guy?

  2. John

    This is ridiculous. This is the definition of self-serving. It’s a shame you don’t think anyone is capable of seeing that this is just a shallow, deplorable, and roundabout way of letting everyone know how “hard” you have it. Essentially, you’re excusing yourself for spewing your asinine opinion and using a terrible situation as leverage to make that all right. It’s not the same thing, genius.

  3. Mike Silva

    Thank You John and Cox for proving my point.

    This wasn’t about me, quite the contrary, I just think situation’s like this put a lot of stuff into perspective. This site, much like the fan base, could use perspective. I think your twisting my words to attack me for something else I said that you disagree with.

  4. Devon

    “It amazes me how even sites like this get attacked personally for just stating an opinion”

    You’re right, Mike. Nothing about you in this at all.

  5. John

    Don’t preach to people about perspective. How does a human being lack the perspective to realize that using the death of a man’s wife as a soapbox for saying basically saying “things could be so much worse … so go ahead and take it easy on me.” That’s absurdly disrespectful. If her death impacted you in a profound way, that’s great. I’m sure it affected many others. You were not unique in taking a step back and reassessing life’s priorities because of what happened but you do appear to be unique in forfeiting the opportunity to leave a nice, wholesome tribute to the deceased in favor of forwarding your own agenda. Look at the line that Devon quoted and tell me how saying something like that does not negate your whole argument about having perspective? You put yourself out there to be disagreed with. No one forces you. The death of Scott’s wife does not give you license to eliminate dissent with your opinion. Honestly, you’re the one that proved my point with your hypocritical reply. If this site needs some perspective maybe it should start and end with you and posts like this. If S.S. can survive the death of his wife then maybe you should realize that the attacks aimed at you are easily manageable and definitely not invalidated by your disagreement. Furthermore, if you honestly believe the vitriol aimed at Scott for his performance on the field is germane to how he should be treated after his wife passes then you need to rethink this whole thing. No one could have predicted this was going to happen. Nevertheless, it’s separate from you and your blog and no one will let you piggyback on that sentiment. It would have been wholly more effective if you had pleaded ignorance about baseball and used that as an excuse for your opinion on the game. Using the death of someone’s loved one as life lesson about blogging is so short-sighted I have to imagine you used a magnifying glass to type this post. In the end, we’re all here in the U.S. of A. so as long as Mike Silva has a right to an opinion so does everyone else. No absurd speech or blog post will excuse you from that fact.

  6. Mike Silva

    I am not going to get into a back and forth about this- does no good, but, for your information, I came up with this idea when I was surfing forums and saw some people talking about his problems with the Mets. I was amazed how that would be the response to a thread about this.

    I have no problem with criticism. If I did I would have simply shut off the comments section of the post. You guys (which I know are from AA), again are upset because I questioned statistical metrics so you will continue to come here and find something to complain about.

    That is your right, but I will not let you put words in my mouth. Funny, outside of you guys from AA, no one has complained which proves to me this attack is about your agenda, not outrage over the post.

  7. Devon

    You should be praising us, Mike. Otherwise, this pathetic excuse for a website wouldn’t be getting any hits, and you wouldn’t be getting any traffic whatsoever. You’re not Metsblog. Nobody cares what you have to say. Except for us AAers, who really, REALLY, can’t stand your idiocy.

  8. BunsonBurner

    This isn’t Metsblog. Matt is only one with blue and orange pom poms. Plus there’s actually opinions, even though I think there crazy sometimes. The Mets are terrible and we need Bobby V

  9. Cox

    Scott Schoeneweis’ wife is not about you, but you sure made it about you in that last paragraph, which is pretty terrible. “BOO HOO, THE BAD PEOPLE ARE MAKING FUN OF MY TERRIBLE OPINIONS!” It is quite ironic that, in a post where you talk about finding perspective, you show just how little you actually have.

  10. John

    I said nothing about statistics. This isn’t about statistics. I just find it funny you’re trying so hard to weasel out of what you said by using the AA thing. You’re telling me I’m disqualified from this argument because of the website I came from? Are you dense? How is his problem with the Mets relevant to what happened to his wife and what is happening to your blog? Only an obtuse, arrogant fool would think that capitalizing on the sentimentality of someone’s death is something not worth being outraged about. Yeah, this is about statistics, Mike. Sure. You saw right through my robotic, calculating mind. If you think I’m biased that is fine but it does not excuse your little post here. Just because most people are not willing to stand firm against idiocy like this doesn’t mean that I’m incorrect. Go to AA and see the responses to this post. This is about a talking head who thinks his opinion is untouchable because it is in the spotlight. Lots of loved ones die everyday, why don’t you start posting obituaries in every post so your views on baseball become irrelevant in comparison? That will solve everything.

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