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NY Post Shouldn’t Copy ESPN Lead

By Mike Silva ~ August 11th, 2009. Filed under: Sports Media Commentary.

On July 22nd, Neil Best spoke about the ESPN ban on NY Post contributors for their TV and Radio outlets. Post staffers such as Joel Sherman, who appears on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York, would no longer have their regular spots. This was in response to the NY Post running pictures of the Erin Andrews nude hotel video. Just nine days later ESPN came to their senses and lifted the ban. Yesterday, NYBD was informed that the NY Post, still angry over the initial decision by ESPN, has banned their sports journalists from making any media appearances. This isn’t recent, but has been going on since the incident. Here is the interesting part, this doesn’t just include ESPN, but all media outlets.

I think ESPN is the bad guy in this whole scenario, but I can’t believe that this would be the response from the Post. There is nothing to gain by this type of rebuttal and, as a matter of fact, it will only hurt the newspaper. Listening to various writers on any media outlet can only build a stronger following for that individual and paper. Look at how SNY has incorporated the Daily News journalist into a show. This may sound crazy, but having Raissman, Isola, and others in my face every night reminds me to check out their column. The wave of the future is advertising embedded in content. Having a writer do a weekly show accomplishes that without tacky advertising transparency. Now, I am not suggesting that people will forget Joel Sherman, but not every listener is a hardcore newspaper reader like me. In an era of saturated media you become out of sight, and out of mind, very quickly. Those with less of a profile than Sherman know that all too well.

The unfortunate part of all this is that Erin Andrews remains at the root of the dispute. Not her directly, but her situation. You all know I am no fan of Ms. Andrews work. The focus on her sexuality, whether it’s her fault or not, is disrespectful to hard working members of the media, male and female alike. ESPN gladly exploits that for their gain and I will never believe anything they say otherwise. If you ever hear an Erin Andrews sideline report you will know exactly what I am talking about. Why make this situation cause the newspaper to issue a gag order? Is she really worth it? I think not.

My plea to the NY Post is to be bigger than ESPN. Intelligent fans know how ridiculous that network as become. I believe we still have enough of those savvy viewers out there. We live in a world where large media conglomerates dole out watered down content and shtick. Don’t stoop to their level and do the proverbial “cut your nose to spite your face”. If this were my newspaper, I would have your guys plastered on WFAN, YES, and SNY. Want to hit ESPN where it hurts? Have a Sherman go on the FAN regularly (Mark Chernoff checks his 25-54 demo meter as we speak) if he legally can. ESPN already is a flea compared to the FAN, just flush them even further.

You have smart, creative, and hard working writers at your newspaper. Don’t be like ESPN. Show how a media conglomerate acts like the authority on sports, versus ESPN, who simply proclaims it.

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3 Responses to NY Post Shouldn’t Copy ESPN Lead

  1. Ceetar

    I don’t read newspapers, because I can get all the content online. If I happen to hear something I like, I’ll go find the article, it’s rare, but I wouldn’t read many of these guys with referrals of some sort.

    To expect the Post to rise above though is silly. They’re full of the same junk that ESPN is. I don’t trust either of them. Erin Andrews is just an example of that. She’s good for ratings. Printing the pictures was good for ratings. blah blah blah. They should both just shut up and stop worrying about the other at this point.

  2. Metsies

    “Yesterday, NYBD was informed…”

    Laughing my butt off. Too bad this story was common knowledge 6 days ago, as displayed by the link below.


    You didn’t break anything, your sources are all unreliable, and you’re not independent reporters. Stop acting like you are.

  3. Chris Silva


    You went through a lot of work searching for that link but didn’t take the time to read the next line. “This isn’t recent, but has been going on since the incident” I guess that part of the article you didn’t bother to read. Nice job

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