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Fox Jinx, Citi Field Boycott, Marte, Frenchy’s Blog

By Mike Silva ~ August 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

The Morning Digest returns after a short hiatus for the trade deadline. I know you all are awaiting with abated breath so here we go.

- This from Tyler KepnerSome Yanks losses on Fox Saturday Baseball this year: 22-4, 16-11, 14-8, 14-4.

- Will Musto, formerly of the site Shea Baseball, has started his own protest to send the Mets a message by calling for a boycott of Citi Field on September 8t, 2009. That is the right spirit. Instead of complaining about a bad product hurt the team where it matters most – in the pocketbook.

- Shelley Duncan couldn’t catch a break. In Scranton Thursday, called up after a year in the minors on Friday, back to the bushes on Saturday. Robinson Cancel gets 1 PA before being designated for assignment. Baseball can be a cruel game.

- Did you guys know that Jeff Francoeur has a blog? Think he has a partnership with Delta by reading his blog? Hat tip to BBTF

- Cody Ransom is becoming the Yankees version of Julio Franco and the Mets. Remember, the Mets had Franco on the 40 man roster and couldn’t find room for Jesus Flores. Ransom isn’t doing that much damage, but it would have been nice to see if Shelley could contribute off the bench. With Hairston I am not sure you really need Ransom any longer. As a matter of fact, Scranton’s Kevin Russo, when healthy, would be a better utility option

- What is with those neck tattoos on the D-Backs? Rauch is not that bad, but Ryan Roberts is going to regret his down the road. I shouldn’t talk, I have three tats, but at least it can be covered when needed. It looks like it was part of an impulsive drunken stupor.

- Good news for the Yankees from Chad Jennings after Friday’s game: “I thought Damaso Marte looked pretty sharp tonight. I saw him low 90s with his fastball”.

- Mark Reynolds made the best catch at the railing we have seen at Citi Field so far. Jumping on the tarp to do so.

- What a bomb by Angel Pagan. According to Eddie C’s twitter his mom was at the game. It’s only the second time in her life she has seen him play in a major league game. No wonder he was so pumped and did a curtain call. Nice baseball story even though Arizona probably didn’t appreciate the theatrics.

- Gary Sheffield thinks the Mets have a chance, Kevin Kernan judges Omar by the moves that matter, and more news on Tony Bernazard.

- Joba Chamberlain’s next start is against Boston. As the piece points out it’s because of the innings limits and do you really want Mitre starting against Boston? Time to put up or shut up Joba on Thursday. Which version will we see? What a great opportunity for Joba to continue his development. That should be a fun game.

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4 Responses to Fox Jinx, Citi Field Boycott, Marte, Frenchy’s Blog

  1. James K.

    “Time to put up or shut up Joba on Thursday”

    You do realize Joba has the best ERA of anyone in the Yankees rotation? Right?

    He could throw a no-hitter against the Sox and you’d say “Yeah, but it wasn’t a perfect game. I’m not sold. Send him to AAA.”

  2. Mike Silva

    Big deal. He has improved over the last month. I credit him with that. Show me consistency. Same debate with Oliver Perez. Great ERA in 07′, inconsistent.

    One game to win and you are the Yankees – would you pick Joba? I think not.

  3. James K.

    I don’t understand you Mike. You’ve got it in your head that everyone thinks Joba is 1984 Doc Gooden, and I don’t think anyone has said or written that. What intelligent people have written is that he is a promising young pitcher who throws 95+ with 4 good pitches. And he’s just 23 years old. There aren’t many 23 year olds in MLB the last few years who have accomplished what he’s accomplished.

    Nobody is saying they want him pitching in a Game 7 over anyone else in baseball or on the Yankees. Once again you’ve created a straw man. The intelligent people are saying he’s good enough to be in a major league rotation and should be given the chance to develop. On the other side of the coin, we have people like yourself, Francesca and Beningo saying he should be in the bullpen or in AAA for seasoning. Meanwhile Sergio Mitre is in the Yankees rotation.

  4. Giuseppe Franco

    “One game to win and you are the Yankees – would you pick Joba? I think not.”


    This might be the most absurd argument I’ve ever read on this board. And that’s saying a lot.

    Are you kidding me?

    You’re knocking Joba because he’s not the Yanks’ #1 starter at the age of 23 in his first full season in the rotation?

    Didn’t the Yanks go out and spend $240M over the offseason to sign Sabathia and Burnett to front their rotation and be those “must win” guys?

    More proof that Joba is without a doubt the most overanalyzed pitcher in the league which has now led to even more ridiculous backpedaling by the Silvas with his recent success.

    First Joba didn’t have the ability to pitch into the 6th inning. Then he could only beat bad or decent teams like Oakland or Detroit but not good teams like the Rays or Red Sox.

    So after he dominated the Rays last week now it’s “put up or shut up” time because now he has to throw a perfect game against the Red Sox with 27 K’s.

    He’s already beaten the Red Sox in his short career in the rotation. Watch Yankeeography once in awhile.

    It’s so absurd. Why is this kid held to such astronomical standards that other youngsters his age don’t have to deal with?

    Go take a look at how other elite young talents like David Price, Rick Porcello, Clay Buchholz are doing in the rotation this season and compare their numbers to Joba’s.

    The numbers are even close.

    James K is absolutely right. Nobody has ever said Joba was going to win the Cy Young this season and will come storming out of the gate in his first full season in the majors pitching like Doc Gooden circa 1984 or Bob Gibson circa 1968.

    All I’ve said since the beginning is let him take the ball every five days and leave him the hell alone because his talent is through the roof.

    The more the Silvas go out of their way to rip Joba – the dumber they sound. It’s mind-boggling.

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