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Source: As of Now Nothing Major for Mets

By Mike Silva ~ July 31st, 2009. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

Joe Demayo just relayed the latest Mets information.

According to information he has gathered, it is becoming extremely unlikely that the Mets will do anything major. Omar Minaya is not inclined to deal Fernando Martinez, Jenrry Mejia, Brad Holt, Ike Davis, and Jonathan Niese. Those are the specific names given, and what teams most covet.

Of course, things can change. And, as I tweeted earlier, I think a “Francoeur type deal” to help the club is more realistic. Nothing major along the lines of Victor Martinez, Scott Kazmir, Carl Crawford, or Roy Halladay is what I would be anticipating.

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2 Responses to Source: As of Now Nothing Major for Mets

  1. Pete M

    The excuse is that they don’t want to give up their prospects. The reality is that ownership won’t accept any more salary. Small market teams such as the Indians and the Padres try to dump off their salaries at the deadline. They are not all that picky about which prospects they receive. I’m sure we could easily have Roy Halladay and Alex Rios for Argenis Reyes if we assumed both salaries in full. What I’m afraid of is that the Mets are on the verge of bankruptcy. They were severely hurt by Madoff and the economy. I’m sure they were banking on mostly every home game being sold out and quite a few playoff games too. Instead they have been forced to give up on their soccer team venture. If you don’t believe me, I challenge anyone to show me how much money the team has spent since the Madoff scandal. The Oliver Perez contract was already in the works so they couldn’t pull a 360. After that, only Sheffield’s $400K. Now is when we get to see if Omar Minaya is really a good GM. You get to judge him on how he trades without any budget. In my opinion, so far so good. I liked the Francoeur/Church trade. Frenchy is 5 years younger and still has some potential. It was also a plus that it aggravated the Braves fans so much they were considering a boycott.

  2. Mike Silva

    Pete, your not totally off base, but Toronto is not going to just dump Halladay. Ricciardi could get fired. Would they take a lesser deal from an NL team if Wells is invovled? I could see that, but your still looking at Mejia, Holt, Ike, F-Mart, etc. in that type of deal

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