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LaRoche to Atlanta, Mets Deal Dead.

By Mike Silva ~ July 31st, 2009. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

Update 4:25 PM

Spoke to Joe Demayo and he was told Mets were giving up minor leaguers (one name thrown about was Ruben Tejada) for LaRoche, Kotchman trumped that easily. Mets were in on it. I am not crying over this one.

Update 3:55 PM

Casey Kotchman was sent to Boston for LaRoche as per Danny Knobler of CBS. This is a very odd trade. Perhaps they want to use Kotchman for defense.

Update 3:20 PM

Seems like Joe believes the “grasp” the Mets on the deal is slipping away. . Heyman is saying LaRoche to Braves.

Update: 3:00 PM

Joe is reporting that the Braves may be entering the mix for LaRoche.

Update 2:50 PM

Demayo added that Mets and Sox are talking, deal is likely, but not complete. Obviously you never know what could happen, but it appears we may see LaRoche in NY.

Update 2:30 PM

Demayo’s league source confirmed and said, if Martinez a Red Sox, LaRoche to Mets. We will continue to monitor.

Update 2:25 PM

Joe reported that Rosenthal was on MLB Radio and said a deal has been worked out with Mets pending Boston obtaining Victor Martinez. Obviously, details are to follow. But this is what we are hearing. I personally am not a huge fan of LaRoche.

Joe Demayo just told me he heard Mets will be obtaining Adam LaRoche from Boston – details to follow. Working on finding out more info.

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14 Responses to LaRoche to Atlanta, Mets Deal Dead.

  1. nm

    lol thank God.. laroche makes NO sense whatsoever for the mets…

  2. Aaron

    Great reporting Demayo. Way to give the fanbase a collective case of baseball blueballs. Although it’s not like Adam freaking LaRoche would have carried us on his back to the postseason or anything.

  3. Mike Silva


    It sounds like the Mets would have had him if not for Atlanta jumping in. LaRoche goes back home. I didn’t want this deal to happen, not a fan of LaRoche

  4. Aaron

    I don’t know that he makes NO sense. To assume the Mets would have had a logjam of lefthanded first basemen is to assume Delgado is going to return in the near future. And you know what they say about assumptions… especially when it involves the Mets medical staff.

  5. James K.

    Wow, thanks for the “reporting”. Curious who the “source” was.

  6. Mike Silva

    It’s an NL source James. Totally legit. Mets discussed it and it looked very solid, but Atlanta came in with Kotchman, which I don’t understand.

    That is why they are called rumors. I think overall Frank and Joe did a nice job reporting what was being whispered. Nothing crazy or irresponsible.

    Joe was cited by Heyman, that is not something he does liberally. I think overall those guys deserve credit for what is thankless reporting

  7. James K.

    If the source is legit then how come nothing reported here today came to fruition? This stuff needs to be ratcheted down a notch. Enough with the self-proclaiming of the “insider” title. Nothing reported here today happened or provided any insight/value.

  8. Mike Silva

    Rumor Mill is not insight James. It just reporting. Jon Heyman of SI cited us, Bart Hubbuch of NY Post linked to the LaRoche deal. I don’t think SI or NY Post would appreciate them doing this if we weren’t talking to some of the same people. I made the decision to follow the trade deadline as things were happening. That means you will get rumblings of just about everything being discussed. Go to MLB Trade Rumors and read the rumors over the course of a month. Many never come to fruition.

    Frank and Joe did a great job with the resources they had. We are not Heyman or Rosenthal, never proclaimed to be, but we try to do something different that, based on the traffic numbers, fans like.

    Sorry that didn’t include you

  9. James K.

    I’d be embarrassed to be a part of what went on here over the last 24 hours. And don’t even get me started on traffic.

    Luckily, when nothing you guys reported actually happened, next time around people will realize it’s not even worth linking to. Much like MLBTradeRumors already knew.

  10. Aaron

    At the risk of piling on, I must agree. And to hear you explain it away as rumors being “just that, rumors,” is a little absurd. Ths site didn’t report that they were in talks, or negotiating. You reported it was GOING TO HAPPEN, pending V-Mart’s arrival in Boston. I was goign to let it go, but then I saw under the trade deadline’s “Winners and Losers,” you listed DeMayo as a winner. I understand your loyalty to a guy since he is an important source for you, but that is an absolute joke. From the combination of (a) the shoddy reporting and (b) your attitude towards it as being no big deal, whatever sliver of cedibility this site ever had has left the building.

    Forget ever being mentioned again at a legitimate site like Metsblog. (Even Cerrone took a dig at DeMayo for “leading with his chin.) It’s rule number one in your business – when you report something as fact, which is what you did (but feel free to kep trying to spin it as a “rumor”), you have to be SURE.

    Goodbye credibility.

  11. Mike Silva

    Aaron – that is what was reported to us. I stand by the report. That developed very quick, and once Atlanta offered Kotchman, things changed. That is the rumor business. Cerrone didn’t mean that in the way you take it. I have a cordial relationship and respect for what he does. I do know that Demayo has proven to me over and over, since I worked with him at Gotham, he has good information. I even had a member of the SNY blog network tell us he thought we did a good job.

    We offered you something that other independent sites don’t. If LaRoche gives you that kind of taste in your mouth, well nothing I can do to convince you. I think Frank Russo proved to be 100% accurate. The Jerry Hairston deal, as evidence of Shelley Duncan being called up and then sent down, proved that much.

    Joe did his best and never malicously mislead anyone. The LaRoche situation developed. Why then would Jon Heyman, earlier that day credit him for the rumblings about a 3 way deal. Omar did say he turned down deals, what makes you think that they are different than what we reported?

    Stop putting words in Cerrone’s mouth. We led with our chin because we had information that we were comfortable with. It’s not like I said the Mets were getting Roy Halladay.

    I think the problem is the fan base is emotional incapable of handling the news anymore. Personally, Mets fans are the worst when it comes to the rumor mill. Worse than any fans in baseball. I continue to shake my head and wonder why the team I root for, takes second fiddle to the Yankees in the standings, and even in the fan base. You guys could learn from Yankees fans.

  12. Aaron


    A guy reports that if V-Mart goes to Boston, LaRoche WILL BE a Met, and in your world there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with the report. Nothing wrong with the source. Reporting information that turns out to be factually incorrect is just the nature of the beast.

    You’re right, Met fans are generally pretty bad when it comes to this kind of stuff… and shoddy work like the LaRoche report only serves to make things worse.

    To err is human, and mistakes happen. The part I find offensive is you taking the stance that nothing is wrong with reporting factually incorrect information. Obviously to report stuff of that nature (‘hot stove’ type stuff), your goal is for Met fans to turn to you for a scoop. But why would anyone do that if your information can’t be trusted?

    Really, had you admitted the mistake and moved on, I wouldn’t have cared, but to hear you defend every part of the report is flat-out hiarious. Yep, the source is right on. The report is right on. Everything is right on… except the little part where LaRoche was traded to the Braves.

    But hey, keep up the charade if it makes you feel good.

  13. Mike Silva

    Our source updated us throughout the ordeal. We continued to post updates on the post and twitter.

    I didn’t say I was happy how it turned out, but I don’t think we made a egregious error either. I think we, and our source, didn’t anticipate a major leaguer being offered for LaRoche. Believe me, we will be much more careful in the future. As for our performance. I say for a site with limited resources we did well. You should go to Rosenthal/Heyman first. They are top shelf with this stuff. We are trying to complement their reporting. Demayo did provide some of the discussions that were going on. No doubt they discussed 3 way, V-Mart, Murton, lefties, etc. Nothing was way crazy and in the end made sense.

    I will say that referring to the deal as “done” is something we need to be careful with, but that is what we were told.

  14. James K.

    It was a win-win situation – if the deal didn’t happen, NYBD falls back on the “It was just a rumor” excuse. But if it did actually happen, we’d have 10 back-patting posts celebrating future Jon Heyman Joe DeMayo.

    My biggest problem was the reporting that if Martinez goes to Boston, LaRoche is a Met. This was not rumor or innuendo – it was stating that if A happens, then B will happen. Well A happened, and B did not. Why should anyone take any future reports seriously?

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