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The Boss, 911, Social Networking, Final Innings

By Mike Silva ~ July 30th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- Good to see George Steinbrenner back in town last night. It’s funny that, and this is a good thing, that the Yankees are just your ordinary, boring, winning team. The Bronx doesn’t burn anymore, but rather, Flushing.

- I know this isn’t New York related, but the whole Erin Andrews “peep show” annoys me. First off, I am not a big fan of Ms. Andrews. Nothing against her personally, but when someone is given a position, male or female, because of how they look versus what they know, it waters down the final product. I am not sure if that is all Erin Andrews fault, but more an indictment on how silly television, specifically ESPN, has become. Now she has become part of the TMZ world and she doesn’t like it. This whole 911 call shows that Erin Andrews has no idea what life is going to be like going forward. Sometimes you reap what you sow. Linda Cohn, another female reporter, actually understands sports versus asking silly questions that a teenager could drum up on the sideline. That is who she should have aspired to be. She didn’t and now she is paying the price. I am not condoning it, don’t know if it’s all her fault, but I really don’t feel bad for her. She will eventually profit from all this. That is how our society works.

- If that is not bad enough watch this NHL executive on Fox News. I actually saw this dope on the “Millionaire Matchmaker” (don’t ask why). It just shows that money doesn’t translate to common sense or solid social skills. Not sure if the Fox reporter handled that very well either. She seemed to enjoy it.

- Our good friend Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball asked me to be part of a social networking panel that he put together. I was flattered to be amongst names such as Dave Sims, Jon Heyman, Peter Abraham, and Joel Sherman. It’s interesting how sports and media have changed because of Twitter/Facebook. I thought these were two “dopey sites” when I signed up, but each have been instrumental in networking. As you know, in the sports business, if you don’t network you are going up to the plate without a bat – no chance. Of course, content is what rules when it’s all said and done. Now only if radio and television can learn that lesson.

- Vin Scully will retire in 2010. In my opinion, this is the broadcasting version of Babe Ruth walking off into the sunset. There was no one better that I have listened to during my 20 plus years of following baseball. My first experience was the 1986 World Series and Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola. Unfortunately, the industry has gone more towards style over substance. I am not sure if we will see another Vin Scully. When Craig Carton of WFAN is in the booth for a minor league game, it’s a slap in the face for those that listened to Ernie Harwell, Curt Gowdy, and Vin Scully. Interesting that Mr. Gowdy’s son runs SNY and would allow something like that to happen. Anyway, the point is that Scully will be missed and I can’t imagine Dodgers games being the same. Take a listen to Curt Smith talk with me about Scully, his career, and who might be the next great broadcaster. Hint, it could be a trio that calls games for a certain New York team not called the Yankees.

- Joe Janish, who is never shy about criticizing the Mets, wrote an interesting piece over at Mets Today. Not sure what to make about the fact that Jeff Wilpon might be exaggerating his resume. Janish reporting speaks for itself. My takeaway is that in the age of the internet you just can’t hide. Many politicians would tell Mr. Wilpon they have learned that very same lesson.

- Sorry for the Watchdog type of “Morning Digest”, needed to get things off my chest and Chris broke down the Joba start. DH at Citi Field today, Yankees in Chi Town, and the trading deadline about 36 hours away. I will be “on call”, along with Joe Demayo, Frank Russo, and the rest of the gang here at NYBD. If we hear something we will share it. Or, provide the passionate commentary that you come to expect! Stay tuned…..

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4 Responses to The Boss, 911, Social Networking, Final Innings

  1. Jason

    Maybe you should “aspire” to learn how to write, and learn how to spell people’s names correctly.

  2. Chris Silva


    Thanks for the heads up on the spelling. We’re a bit overwhelmed right now providing great content for the fans. We lack a copy editor and some times mistakes fall through the cracks. Send us an e-mail through the contact form and tells us a bit about yourself and college degree. Could be a great start to get yourself out there and help make our site better with less misspellings. I’ll keep an eye out for your resume and please include a copy of your college diploma for our reference.


  3. bk

    touche mr silva :)

    anyway, this column hits the nail right on the head: erin andrews is one of those women who uses her sexuality – rather than merit, hard work or talent – to advance up the corporate ladder; of course, if the paper boy asks her out in the office, that’s sexual harassment and if the guy has bad morning breath, that’s “rape.” Really, I have no sympathy for bimbos like Andrews; she deserves what she’s getting now.

    Deep down, I can only imagine what someone like Leslie Visser must be thinking: whatever you may think of female sportscasters, Visser really worked at her craft whereas Andrews (like so many of the rest of them) is little more than insubstantial eye candy. As marc rudov says, until we start treating women like adults (with adult responsibilities as well as privileges) we will continue to get little girls masquerading in women’s bodies.

  4. Chris Silva

    I had have to agree with you bk. Sexuality seems to be the drivin force behind alot of the women sportscasters. Big kudos to those who derive success because of good performance and not looks.

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