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WFAN’s Eddie C: Minaya Felt Rubin Was Gloating

By Mike Silva ~ July 29th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

via Ed Coleman’s WFAN Blog

Here’s what happened and what triggered the outburst that stunned everyone. The press conference start time floated, as, it always seems, everything Met-related does – it was 3:00, then 3:30, then 3:45. The SNY Network – killing time – put Rubin on prior to Minaya’s appearance. Meanwhile, Minaya was watching, along with several players – some friendly with Bernazard – in the Mets clubhouse. Minaya obviously felt that Rubin was gloating over toppling Bernazard, the blood began to boil, some of the players expressed their displeasure, the anger rose and – voila – you had the perfect storm. Minaya carried it from there to the podium, and the rest is history.

I, just like you, wish this story will go away. The worst thing that could have happened was the rainout tonight. It gives fans, media, and independents like me time to keep the conversation alive. If this is the case then it’s another example why Omar should no longer be in charge of this organization. This is a vindictive, childish, and unprofessional response. This is not the type of executive you want running your ballclub. Read the entire blog, it’s an interesting piece.

Give Adam Rubin credit. Since the press conference at Citi Field he has done the right thing and taken the high road. You have not, and I assure you, will not, hear from Rubin anymore on this matter. Hopefully he can get back to work and continue to provide everyone with the type of reporting that we have become accustomed to reading over the years.

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8 Responses to WFAN’s Eddie C: Minaya Felt Rubin Was Gloating

  1. RonOK

    I agree with most of your comments — except for the obe where you state “You have not, and I assure you, will not, hear from Rubin anymore on this matter.”

    I think Rubin is doing the right thing by laying low for now, but we will have to get some response from him over the Jeff Wilpon apology and the apology that Jeff Wilpon has mandated Omar make to Rubin.

    If Omar had a shred of common sense, he would negotiate some buy-out from the Wilpons behind the scenes and then graciously admit he has hurt the franchise and resign.

  2. Jeff

    Yes the band of media hates Omar, we get it. How many more times do we have to hear it. The man is human lets move on..

  3. Pete M

    Who the F is Adam Rubin anyway? Jeff Wilpon just said what he said to squash the controversy. Rewind the tape and you’ll catch the smirk he held back before he “apologized.” Wasn’t Bernazard supposedly his “boy” also? He probably high-fived Omar behind closed doors. Did you see how Jeff almost laughed when asked if he was going to “reprimand” Omar? The media is a trolling joke. You had Jeff Wilpon there and you couldn’t ask him a better question than if he was going to give his GM a time-out or a spanking? Nothing about the trading deadline? Next year’s payroll? Why the Mets haven’t spent more than 400K on Sheffield after the Madoff scandal? Are we buyers or sellers? Any real Mets fan who cares about the future of their team would not want the GM to resign 2 days before the trading deadline. F Adam Rubin for stirring up controversy at a time when we didn’t need it for his own personal vendetta. After all did Tony Bernazard do anything worse than Lou Piniella? The reason you won’t hear from Mr. Rubin is because he doesn’t want to answer the question about wanting Tony’s job vs. wanting a job in player development. Hey Adam, hope your car breaks down in Washington Heights.

  4. Yankee1010

    Eh, how do you feel about Joba? Trade him? Put him in the pen? Inefficent?

    Didn’t think so.

  5. Chris Silva


    Interesting rant I can see your frustrations are coming out. To address a few of the issues to give you some clarity. Rubin has been hard and fair on the Mets for a very long time. Bernazard was causing a problem throughout the organization by using fear to motivate the players. The major league team was more turned off than scared. However, the minor leagues which is the future of the organization was riddled with fear. Players were constantly told to bow down to Tony and do what he says. If you can relate it to your job; how would your performance be if your boss told you every hour you better not mess up or I’ll ruin your entire life. Do you think you would do the best job you could? The Mets did not spend more than $400K on Sheffield because Detroit is responsible to pay him $14M this year. So in essence, Sheff is making $14.4M. Do you think it’s a good business decision to give him more money when somebody else is giving him what he wants. The Mets have leveraged themselves in a difficult position with very little marketable commodities that would command any type of substantial package. Next years payroll takes a bit of time to put together and at this point of the season I don’t think that is finalized. They are still working off of forecasted projections and we don’t usually hear about offseason plans till late October/November. To wrap things up, Pinella manages a big league club and his long track record of managing has shown he knows when is too far. Tony was a jockey for the Players Association prior to his Mets position. He got carried away and let the power go to his head. It could happen to anybody but eventually that type of behavior catches up to you. I hope that satisfies some of the gaps the media left in your mind.

  6. Mike Silva


    Funny that you brought up a “behind the scenes buyout” I thought of this yesterday. We haven’t heard from Omar. That could be because of the trading deadline, or it could be to let things blow over. It’s probably a little of both. If the Mets make a deal lets see what happens.

    I emailed Adam Rubin and asked for him to come on the show. He said that he accepted the Mets apology and wants to move on. I respect that and probably would have done the same myself. Remember, has an employer that needs to maintain a relationship with the organization. Rubin, unlike me, walks into that clubhouse 162 times a year. Making this continue will only strain relationships and make his job that much harder.

  7. Pete M

    Thanks for your response. I’m not saying that Bernazard didn’t have a Napoleonic complex. He obviously did but I think that he was trying to motivate in a manner that would I’m sure seem normal in the Dominican. He took off his shirt? So what? Did he punch a player? These are a bunch of young bucks who are being groomed to play at a level where one play can define your entire career. Call it discipline or tough love but coddling 20 year olds who haven’t proven a damn thing won’t help them in their future. Looking back, it was my stricter teachers that left more of an impression on me. It seems to me that Omar and Jeff WIlpon didn’t really mind his style and felt that their hand was forced.
    Also, I wasn’t implying that Sheffield should have been paid more money. My question was why did the purse strings slam shut after the Sheffield “fell on my lap” deal. I understand that the Oliver Perez deal was already in the works so backing out of that would have been blatently obvious. I’m referring to Bobby Abreu who publicly wanted to play with his fellow countrymen, Johan and K-Rod but all of a sudden the Mets couldn’t find $5 million. What about Adam Dunn? Even if $10 million was too high, they could have signed him and then unloaded him before the deadline.
    I only have one question for Adam Rubin:
    Did you lobby for ANY job in player development for the team that you cover?
    Let’s Go Mets!

  8. Mike Silva

    Joe asked about Adam Dunn, and was told that the Nats are looking to keep him as a drawing card. Strange but true. Of course, if you overwhelm them with an offer I am sure that could change. I don’t trade mega prospects for Adam Dunn. I am not his biggest fan either, much to James K dismay.

    The Mets will never admit to the Madoff stuff. It never is reported on their network, or talked about. Can’t blame them, they own 70%, and no one will ever truly know since those are their personal finances. None of their entities are publicly traded companies.

    As for Rubin, it seems like there is no proof. Personally, with the way corporate America has destroyed any chance of employees having loyalty, I can’t blame him for looking 2 steps ahead. Corporate America preaches loyalty, yet does everything in its power to turn you off. Rubin knows that he could become expendable in the world of media, regardless of how good his work is. Adam went to the Wharten School of Business, and in my dealings with him is a very smart guy. I have asked players, agents, and writers how to break into their industries. Does that mean I am leaving my day job? No. But I am looking one step ahead.

    One could argue this radio show, and site, is a conflict of interest with my Fortune 500 position.

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