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Mets Risk Their Future With Minaya at Helm

By Mike Silva ~ July 29th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Yesterday Jeff Wilpon, after being invisible for nearly a week, finally acted like the CEO of a multimillion dollar organization. He was clear, concise, coherent, and truthful with his remarks. Obviously the late night conference call after the Monday’s game, led to something positive. The problem going forward is that Omar Minaya, a scout in an executive role, still is the leader of the organization. This means each day the Mets conduct business the Wilpon family risks more incidents and dysfunction. To quote Wilpon, there will be “more collateral damage to his father and uncle”. It also puts the future of the team in jeopardy.

Omar Minaya has done a good job signing big name free agents, but he has failed to prove he is even an average executive. Today it’s Tony Bernazard and Adam Rubin, but what does tomorrow bring? Right now Omar looks weak and powerless to his peers, management team, and worse yet, the clubhouse. Money rules in free agency, but players also look at situations that are healthy and conducive to winning. The Met fail in both of those qualifications thanks to Minaya.

It wasn’t long ago that Craig Counsell and Henry Blanco turned down the Mets because of their culture. It took a great recruiting job, along with cash, to get Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran. The sad part is that, after just 24 months on the job, Omar’s Mets were on the way to the NLCS, featured in Sports Illustrated, and on the verge of overtaking the Yankees. Little did we know that it was a house of cards waiting to fall. The first domino was 2007, and it has spiraled into the press conference on Monday.

Sometimes in sports you bring in executives and coaches to clean up a mess. Once they do that you find the man to bring you to the next level. It looks like Omar Minaya might have cleaned up the mess, but is incapable of leading the Mets to prosperity. You can trace his bad communication and sloppy management skills all the way back to the Willie Randolph fiasco. His attack on Adam Rubin casts doubt on whether he can perform under pressure. These are huge red flags to have attached to the man responsible for your entire baseball operation. Don’t be fooled by the winning streak, this team, even when healthy, is still too flawed and dysfunctional.

In 2004, the Mets were on the verge of being irrelevant. They are in a better place today, but need to move on to a new era. Their position is far to precarious to feel good about their future. It’s time for the organization to hire a baseball executive that has a plan for long term success. An individual who can be trusted with the team’s stakeholders and will not embarrass the ownership group. There have been questions the last two years regarding Omar Minaya’s ability to get the job done. These latest incidents proved that he is not capable of being that guy.

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1 Response to Mets Risk Their Future With Minaya at Helm

  1. Dr. Mark

    Mike -

    Seems like it’ll be the deaf ears routine until the paint is dry on the ’09 season. I’m one of the schnooks who sees a really weak 2nd half schedule in front of them, 3 or 4 Frenchy-types out there to snag this week and ton of home games in AUG. Can Omar find the onions to focus this week and give us a shot to play .600 ball for 60+ games or will he sit by and let the team flop by design?

    Is there anyone over there who can make him look good since we know he’s busy repairing his media image (good luck).

    Today we probably lose Maine for the year…

    Can we get Washburn instead of watching the Yankees snag him?
    Will we call up the 5 or 6 kids we know can be like Murphy was last year or are they so fixated on damage control we’re locked into pining away for #7, #15 and #21 to magically appear???

    Maybe Adam Rubin can work the phones til FRI on spec? LOL

    With DeRosa envy, MRF 07.29

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