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Inevitable, Glimmer of Hope, Open Season, Unrest in Buffalo

By Mike Silva ~ July 28th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- The Yankees win again and no one is talking about it. During his heyday, former talk show host Bob Grant use to call them the New York “Inevitable’s”. This was in reference to his disdain for the team interrupting his broadcast. These days you get the feeling that you can turn off the TV and return on August 6th against Boston.

- Tatis grand slam provides a glimmer of hope on a day that showed you why the Mets can’t put together a run of successful seasons. I still stand by my pronouncement that the Mets are “done”. Jerry Manuel’s job, however, is still up in the air. Proving that he can keep this team hanging around the peripheral of a playoff race, without much of their original roster, might save him after the season.

- What does Mark Melancon need to do in order to get in a game? The Yanks are up 8 runs and Melancon is still chained to the bullpen bench. Right now it’s best for him to go back to Scranton and continue to develop. Girardi claims Melancon was the “backup pitcher” because he wanted to give Hughes, Aceves, and Coke the night off. Why couldn’t Albaladejo be in that role? At least he has pitched. Not sure what the plan is here.

- Omar Minaya is going to learn what happens when you anger the media. Teflon Omar has attacked one of their own and they will wait for him to step on a banana peel. It will be the same as when they attack a lame duck politician. Hammer into submission. I also believe we will see competing newspaper’s dig to find more dirt on Adam Rubin. This, in my opinion, is a story that will have some more twists and turns.

- Freelance writer David J Allan hit me up on twitter and told me that WGR 550am out of Buffalo was reporting the relationship between the Bisons and Mets is already strained. Didn’t run with it, because it came secondhand and there were no other citations of this. Last night, Brian Morwitz of the Press & Sun Bulletin mentioned the same thing.

- Great job by SNY yesterday. Howard pointed this out during last night’s show. They reported the events without fear of punishment from the 70% Wilpon owned SNY. Kevin Burkhardt set the tone by providing his opinion on the matter. Burkhardt believed, and I agree, that without Rubin’s reporting Tony Bernazard would still be employed by the organization. Contrast that to YES, or as Bob Raissman likes to call them Al-Yank-Zeera, would have made sure that fans were distracted by Michael Kay reporting some of the players favorite colors.

- One media entity that I did not have to listen to yesterday: WFAN. Once again “Turn off” Chernoff gave me no reason to go to his station and get opinion on the matter. Why? Because history tells me that uneducated callers will be the ones driving the proverbial WFAN bus. Watch your precious ratings “Turn Off” they can, and will, change. My listening patterns are a great indication of that point. Oh, and by the way, I fall into your precious 25-54 demographic.

- Good pitching beats good hitting according to WFAN’s Sweeny Murti: Yankees starters have gone at least 6 innings 9 of 11 games since All Star Break. Only Mitre has missed in both his starts.

- Keith was complaining that he was tired, Ron waxing poetic about the Hall of Fame, and Gary watched the sunset. Glad to have the booth back amongst the chaos.

- It looks like the arrogance of the Yankee fan is back. This fan at the Bleacher Report tells us why the Yanks winning is good for baseball.

- Howard and I did a short, 30 minute, late night recap of the Mets mess which you can listen to by downloading it here.

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  1. Tony Silva

    Mike, this is the 1st time I visited your site. I am a Yankee fan – so a Mets blog would not be my 1st visit of the day. (RAB reader) I was curious to see if you commented on the Minaya fiasco – & his lack of polish when it comes to public speaking. In doing so I have stumbled upon a very good site. I will stop by more often & I look forward to more insightfull observations.

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