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New York Mets: Cover Up, Lies, and Spin

By Mike Silva ~ July 27th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

You had to watch the Omar Minaya press conference today to believe what you were hearing. I expected the usual: sloppy English, empty bromides, and repetitive phrases. What I didn’t expect was Omar Minaya to turn Adam Rubin into the story. Can you really be surprised? The Mets, as Joel Sherman pointed out earlier today, are not about accountability, but rather, cover-up. I will take it one step further and say the Mets lead the league in cover up, lies, and spin. Take a look at both sides of the story and it’s clear that Rubin is far more believable than Minaya.

Do you honestly believe there was an investigation before the Rubin column? Tony Bernazard would be employed by the New York Mets today if not for Adam Rubin. The Mets management structure, outlined by their former GM, dictates as much. Minaya heads an organization with more leaks than a facet, a culture of fear created by Bernazard, and an absentee owner.

Right now Adam Rubin claims to have asked members of the Mets how they go about getting a job in baseball. Although I am not anywhere near Rubin’s stature, I have asked this question during correspondences with scouts, players, and agents. Thus far, the only thing Rubin has done wrong, in my opinion, is bring their dysfunction to light. In the end who would you believe?

It’s clear to me that Omar Minaya has finally succumbed to the pressure of New York. His hands were shaking feverishly throughout the press conference. He leads an organization that has no plan, vision, or control. Citing the most wins in the National League tells me he is starting to worry about his job. How can the Wilpon family sit back and let Omar Minaya continue to be the mouthpiece of this organization. Why wasn’t Jeff Wilpon present at the conference?

The answer is clear. Under the direction of the Wilpon family the Mets continue to focus on hiding their bad internal behavior rather than figuring out how to fix it. Omar is just another sacrificial lamb for the Wilpon family to throw to the New York media. Just replace the name Minaya instead of Phillips, Valentine, Duquette, or Howe. You could make the point that this started as far back as the late eighties when Davey Johnson was the first to be thrown under the bus. In some respects I feel bad for Omar. How can you expect anything better out of him when the owner of the team continues to do a great job impersonating the “Invisible Man”?

Omar Minaya deserves to be fired after his performance today. It’s no different than Willie Randolph accusing SNY of racism. The bigger issue is how can you fix a team that’s problem is ownership? Do you really think Pat Gillick will come out of retirement to run this mess? Will any of the young executives mentioned by Gary Armida over the weekend want to ruin their careers before it starts? The Mets are at the precipice of becoming a very undesirable organization to work and play for. If you come to this team you don’t work at getting better and winning championships. You major in cover up, lies, and daily spin.

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2 Responses to New York Mets: Cover Up, Lies, and Spin

  1. RonOK

    Omar should do the right thing and just resign. He’s finished here and can no lomger be taken seriously. You see what I’m sayin’?

  2. E.O'Shea

    I’m with RonOK. But, not going to happen – Minaya lacks the strength of character.

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