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Sheff Stirs, Can’t Win Them All, More Spin, Rickey

By Mike Silva ~ July 26th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- The honeymoon finally ended yesterday between Gary Sheffield and the Mets. I am surprised it took so long for it to happen. Not sure the motivation for putting Sheffield on the DL and keeping Tim Redding around. Just a week ago the guy was sitting around waiting for his release. Wonder if Sheff will now change his mind and accept a trade at some point later this year. Only the Mets could make a simple roster move into pre-game chaos. Great reporting by Brian Costa of The Star Ledger.

- So there was a smattering of boos when A-Rod grounded out to third in the eighth. After a couple of years of facing reality Yankees fans are getting their arrogance back. With that, comes their disdain for the unthinkable: A-Rod not helping complete a comeback and a ninth straight win.

- Good job by Matt Cerrone pointing out the latest story about Tony B and his screaming match at Citi Field. It was the assistant not the scout, that was screamed at. Amazing how everyone around this guy is starting to back up and try to paint a different picture. The horse has left the barn- let him fall on the sword.

- Everyone likes to point out all the bad things that Rickey Henderson was during his career. Today, when he is inducted, the story that I will remember is one that Wayne Hagin wrote at his WFAN blog. Take a read, it’s worth your time. It doesn’t excuse the petulant behavior, contract squabbles, and lackadaisical play, but shows another side of Rickey that we often never saw.

- Another great job by Adam Rubin of the Daily News. This morning he details another clubhouse incident and perspective from former Mets farmhand Nick Abel.

- Where is Mark Melancon and will he ever pitch for this team? Why is he on the roster?

- Tonight the Weekly Digest will be at 8pm. Hear Howard and I talk about the Hall of Fame inductions, Phil Hughes in the bullpen, Joba resurgance, and Jonathan Niese’s latest start. We will be joined by Metstradamus who will unveil his Hall of Hate for 2009. Should be fun. Click here to listen live or download the replay.

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3 Responses to Sheff Stirs, Can’t Win Them All, More Spin, Rickey

  1. wally

    “The honeymoon finally ended yesterday between Gary Sheffield and the Mets. I am surprised it took so long for it to happen.”

    What the heck is that supposed to mean? First of all, what “honeymoon”? Are you insinuating that Sheffield has been anything other than a model citizen on the Mets? And he’s going on the DL, he’s not being released.

    Why in the world does Matt Cerrone link to such idiocy?

  2. Mike Silva


    I think it’s fair to say that Sheffield hasn’t been happy just about anywhere he has gone. That was the whole point behind the blurb. Who said anything about being released? That was Tim Redding I was referring to. I think the Mets should try and trade him now that it’s apparent that their season is over. Also, I think you need to read the posts twice, comment once in the future.

  3. LWFS


    Sheffield and Mets management appeared to be out of sync about exactly how injured he is (publicly so). (Click through the link for full explanation.)

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