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Missing: Jeff Wilpon and Ownership Group

By Mike Silva ~ July 24th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Since the news came out about all the examples of poor behavior by Tony Bernazard we have heard from just about everyone, except for one person, Jeff Wilpon.

The Mets are a team at crossroads. Their management strategy, called collegial by Steve Phillips (I would prefer dysfunctional, but that is me), is clearly not working. If I were shelling out $145 million to pay a team that is six games under .500, fading fast, and now a cesspool internally, you would certainly be hearing from me. Instead, Omar Minaya was left to stammer in front of reporters and repeat the word “investigation” about a dozen times.

Mets fans hate to be compared to the Yankees, and dislike hearing about how great an owner George Steinbrenner was. Take your blue and orange glasses off and ask yourself if this would happen on George’s watch. Would Tony Bernazard last more than an hour with the Yankees, much less two days, after the news came out? Steve Keane said during the show last night that this reminds him of the Nixon administration, where the cover up was worse than the crime.

The right thing for Jeff Wilpon to do on his team’s day off was to address the media. Have a conference call, set the record straight, and move on from there. Honestly and transparency is not just a cheesy campaign slogan, it actually does work! Perhaps that will happen later today in Houston but, from my vantage point, the current silence will eventually yield more spin.

In my opinion this really isn’t something that needs much thought. I spoke to an agent, who had bad dealings with Mr. Bernazard, and was told that “if Tony Bernazard was soaking wet and told me it’s raining I would still look outside”. Do you think said agent is the only one that has been burnt in this manner? Jeff Wilpon needs to stand up and take control of his team. Show the players, employees, and fans that there is actually some semblance of a chain of command. So far we have gotten a little spin and a lot of silence. That doesn’t make me feel like we will see the right decision made. That is a huge indictment on ownership and the future of this ballclub.

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3 Responses to Missing: Jeff Wilpon and Ownership Group

  1. john

    But little Jeffie has always been a weasel, and likes the weasel way. Interestingly enough, if Jeff comes out and fires TB, the next question should be: “you have known about this for two weeks and done nothing. Why is it unacceptable now?” I believe the media would let him off the hook on this question, so long as he does the right thing, albeit belatedly. Jeffie might reason that he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t and stand pat, but then ticket sales would suffer. Hmmm. It is actually nice to watch him squirm. It would be nicer to watch them sell.

  2. MN

    You just stole me from MetsBlog with this article. You said everything Cerrone was afraid to say. Thanks for the honesty and keep up the fantastic writing.

  3. Mike

    This is just another chapter in the the embarrassing saga of this mickey mouse ownership. What free agent, or any player for that matter, would want to play for a joke of a franchise like this. I’ve been a met fan for forty years and have never been as embarrassed to say that as now. If this is the way Wilpons run their business, how in the heck did they manage to make money? This team will not get any better until the fans wise up and stay away and either wilpon either sells the team or starts running it they way it’s supposed to be run: by qualified baseball people. Even Grant was better than this sorry GM.

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