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Hells Angels, Short Memory, Talk Show Hosts Ultimate Vacation

By Mike Silva ~ July 11th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- NYBD radio listener Mick from VA summed up the Yanks problems with Anaheim with this statement: “that Mets starting P worries me in the NYM v. NYY match up—if you put them in Angels unis they’d be a slam dunk”. In case you missed the show, we will be playing the NYBD all time Mets and Yankees teams in a 7 game series. The results will be announced on All Star Tuesday.

- This whole Angels domination of the Yankees is just plain weird. If not for the bullpen implosions in New York, the Yanks might not have won a game from them this season.

- Joba’s line: 4.1 inn, 9 hits, 4 ER’s, 1 BB, 4 K’s. Another unacceptable performance. Once again, a Joba start overworks the bullpen. This just a day after Alfredo Aceves was on a 65 pitch count. Peter Abraham has the silly bromides from Joba. If Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera were not too good to be sent down to Scranton, Joba is not be above it. Can’t Sergio Mitre give you that kind of outing? Heck, I bet the Mets would give you Tim Redding for nothing to pitch to those numbers. Of course, as Pete Abe points out, Joba still believes he is throwing the ball as good as ever. I am all for process leading to results, but you can’t preach process if the results rarely ever come. Also, you can’t win a close race giving up games once every five days and overworking your bullpen. Give him the All Star break to clear his head, but you have to start to consider a demotion.

- I predict the first Joba excuse comment will consist citing the A-Rod error.

- What a week for the vacationing Mike Francesa. First, Brandon Inge, one of his favorites, makes the All Star Team. Next, Bronson Arroyo, the ultimate Francesa man crush, throws a complete game shutout. The fact that it was against the Mets made it that much sweeter I am sure.

- I will comment later on the Church/Francoeur trade, but I have to be honest I am even surprised about how the fans hate it. Could it be because of the Church/Lastings Milledge connection? Fans have such short memories. They never wanted Church here because Willie Mays, I mean, Lastings Milledge, was the price.

- That is an unbelievable play by Jorge Posada. Actually, I didn’t even realize the glove came off. It is a close second to the Murphy toss at first base for play of the week.

- Will Yankees fans mock cheer Jeter every time he goes for a popup just like they did to Luis Castillo? It happens people.

- David Cone will testify at the Sotomayor hearings.

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1 Response to Hells Angels, Short Memory, Talk Show Hosts Ultimate Vacation

  1. Moface

    I’m beginning to wonder like you Mike if the best thing for Joba is a demotion to Triple A. There are a couple reasons why, 1) One can certainly argue that Joba was rushed to the majors because he only pitched 88.1 innings in the minors. I remember reading one time that the development of pitchers can take about 250-400 innings in the minors. Now, I am not advocating that he go down to Triple A and throw about 150 innings, because we all know that his stuff is too good for Triple A hitters and it will not benefit him in the long run. I would suggest 3-4 starts just to work out the mechanical and inconsistent velocity issues. 2) It is becoming apparent that Joba is becoming a little complacent from possibly too much job security from the FO. Joba perhaps needs more of a kick in the rear end in order to motivate him at the big leagues and knowing that he has competition for his spot in the rotation can certainly do that.

    Now I realize that problem with sending Joba down is that there are really not viable alternatives in Mitre, Towers, Igawa etc. It is really unfortunate that both Kontos and Kennedy have both been injured because that has depleted the depth of the rotation. This is also one of the major issues with Hughes in the pen despite his and the team’s success. Hopefully this can resolved soon and Joba can become more consistent in the second half.

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