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Baby Steps, Going to the Well, Drinking Game, Early Exit

By Mike Silva ~ July 9th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- In the movie “What about Bob” they talked about using “baby steps” to get over Bob’s fears. Oliver Perez took the baseball version of baby steps last night as his command was still missing. What saved him was that he had sharp slider, absent during many of his struggles earlier this year, and made a big pitch with the bases juiced. It’s a long way from me saying he is ready, but a better option than Tim Redding. At the end of the night the Mets get a W. I Can’t complain with that.

- I thought four out saves were only for big games. Rivera was brought in last night to face Jose Morales in the eighth with the tying run at first. How many times can you go to Rivera for 4+ outs? You have to think it will have a detrimental effect at some point for the 40 year old. No reason why Phil Hughes couldn’t pitch to Morales who, by the way, has all of 67 career at-bats in the big leagues. You want to see what the kid has in a big spot. It worked so you can’t complain, but there was no reason for Rivera coming into the eighth inning last night, or that Sunday against the Mets when Santos was up.

- Daniel Murphy definitely has a future in the NBA after that play. I think Marty Foster got that call right. Amazing how he can make that “bang/bang” play, but blows the Jeter call and makes a lame excuse. Check out the freeze frames of his throw at the Daily News.

- Bobby Parnell had a great slider of his own last night. That was the pitch, when he struggled, that hitters were spitting on. If he could consistently mix it in for a strike and not feel the urge to nibble with his 95 mph fastball, you might see the Parnell of April again.

- Sweeny Murti points out that the Yanks are six games better than last year and have won 7 straight home games for the first time since 2007.

- Oliver Perez outing looked very similar to what you get from Joba Chamberlain. Actually even Joba would have sneered at Ollie’s command.

- Apparently AJ Burnett is very funny, in his mind, when he is in a tight jam.

- The Twins fans waved the white flag before yesterday’s game was even over. They were heading to the exits with 2 outs and Joe Mauer up! Bad job.

- Check out this funny Gary, Keith, and Ron drinking game by James K at Amazin Avenue. He mentions Keith and Sag Harbor, I found out where Mex purchases his beer out in Long Island: Sag Harbor Beverage. How do I know? Long story.

- Something was missing from the Yanks telecast without Michael Kay.

- I like the Twins TC hats better than the more modern M hats.

- NYBD announces their all time Mets and Yankees Dynasty teams tonight at 6pm. Here the 25 man roster that will compete against each thanks to our friends at What If Sports.

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3 Responses to Baby Steps, Going to the Well, Drinking Game, Early Exit

  1. Kings

    Amazing how he can make that “bang/bang” play, but blows the Jeter call and makes a lame excuse

    Show biz, my friend. How else does he get seen on TV for the next week if he doesn’t make that call. Did you see how pumped he got making the out call? This is stuff for the ages. What a game! What an umpire! I buy tickets just to see the umpires make asses of themselves. It’s so much fun.

  2. Mike Silva

    Kings, the replay showed that the runner was out. Close, but I can’t get on Foster’s case for that. It was a tough call.

  3. DUDX

    Look again. The ball was in the glove, but not caught. It doesn’t matter. They’ll get screwed the next time it really counts.

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