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Rumor Mill: Expensive Set Up Men, Situational Lefties, and Strength

By Mike Silva ~ July 3rd, 2009. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

Frank Russo joined me last night during the second half hour of the show. We remembered Dave Righetti’s no hitter back in 1983, but Frank also gave us some tidbits from his rumor mill bag. We start talking rumors at about the 45 minute mark.

- Cashman is not looking for offense. They believe Hinske is the perfect fit for the team.

- Don’t expect the Yanks to acquire Huston Street. The price continues to be extremely high. Dan O’ Dowd has brought up names like Austin Jackson, Chien Ming Wang, Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, and Brett Gardner. The Indians continue to look to unload and would like to deal Rafeal Betancourt. He will be expensive as well as per evidence of the DeRosa deal that netted them Chris Perez from St. Louis.

- Hughes is enjoying his time in the pen. Barring injury or a major trade he will remain there the rest of the year. Some believe he could considered as Rivera’s heir apparent. Imagine the Joba to the bullpen debate changes into the Hughes to the bullpen?

- The Yankees will continue to be cautious with Hughes and avoid him on back to back days.

- Not much to the Chien Ming Wang and Phillies rumor from earlier in the week. Teams ask about Wang, but Yanks aren’t about to give him away.

- The parity in the National League won’t help either team. Too many teams deem themselves in it to strip down their roster. Could the economy have the opposite impact and actually force teams to keep star players to save August and September gates?

- The Yankees would love to add another situational lefty to the mix. The status of Damaso Marte is murky (Yanks not happy with his participation in the WBC). That market hasn’t developed yet with specific players available. Here is a player I would target (this is not a rumor, just my thought): Ron Mahay. He is not having a particularly good year with Kansas City, but lefties are only hitting .250 against him. I believe the Yankees actually tried to obtain him in 2007, before Texas sent him to Atlanta in the Teixeira deal. He is on the last year of his 2 year/$8 million dollar deal. Perhaps he wouldn’t cost that much in terms of prospects. With this market you never know. Here is something that you might not know about Mahay: he was a CF when he first came up in Boston in 1995.

- The Yankees believe that the bullpen is all that prevents them from matching up well with the Red Sox.

- The one difference between the Yankees and Mets is that Cashman is dealing from strength. Despite their attempts, the Yankees will not overpay market value. The Pirates still obtained decent prospects in the Hinske deal. That should be a sign that it will be very difficult and expensive for teams to make trades. The Yankees, unlike the Mets, are in a much better position to do so.


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1 Response to Rumor Mill: Expensive Set Up Men, Situational Lefties, and Strength

  1. Giuseppe Franco

    Why are so many people clamoring for Mo’s heir apparent to be prepped when nobody knows when they are going to need another closer?

    It’s stupid, moronic, and a completely pointless exercise.

    Mo is still the closer and will remain the closer until he himself decides to hang it up.

    He’s still the best closer in the game and there’s nothing written in stone that says he’s retiring after 2010. Mo has never said that he’s going to retire after his contract expires.

    What if Mo decides he’s not done after the 2010 season?

    Worry about who the next freaking closer is when they need one. They are always available. And none of them will ever be able to live up to the standard that Mo has set as the greatest closer of all time. It cannot be done no matter who they get to fill that role.

    Hughes will be in the Yankee rotation next season. Period. It’s not bloody likely that Pettitte will return so Hughes will be his replacement.

    It’s such nonsense that the Yanks have to prep one of their best young starters in the system for a job opening in the bullpen that may or may not be available for another 2 years.

    No organization does that.

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