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Mo’s 500th, an RBI, and Powerless

By Mike Silva ~ June 29th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- Congrats to Mariano Rivera for his 500th save and first ever RBI. I hope Yankees fans don’t take for granted the greatness of Rivera. There aren’t many more ninth innings in his arm and each remaining should be cherished.

- The hardest part for a Mets fan should not be getting swept by the Yankees at Citi Field. It should be the fact that this team is completely powerless with the current situation. No trade is going to make an impact. All you can do is wait for your big hitters to return. It’s getting harder to see this team staying within striking distance of Philly or the Wild Card. They play hard, yet still make stupid mistakes. All you can do is sit back, watch, and hope.

- Sweeny Murti had this to say via his Twitter: Career ERA as starters: Joba 3.32, Hughes 5.22. Career ERA as relievers: Joba 1.53, Hughes 1.50. Still think they’re in the wrong roles?

- Oliver Perez finally has a decent outing. What should we make of this? Long term his value is as a starter. The Mets should put him back in the rotation and let him work though any issues. Can he be any worse than Tim Redding? There is a future with Perez (at least two years), not with Redding.

- I think Girardi is settling into some sort of bullpen roles. Coke versus the lefty, Hughes gets the first call out of the pen, and then Bruney in the eighth. You can bring in Aceves if Hughes or Bruney get into trouble. It’s not a bad bridge to Rivera.

- Braden Looper opens the series for the Brewers tonight. As I tweeted to Bart Hubbach of the NY Post: Get your Braden Looper’s Revenge story ready.

- Lost in the Rivera hoopla was that Chien Ming Wang got his first win in a full calender year. Of course his last W was June 15, 2008 in that ill fated Houston game. I wouldn’t get too comfortable with Wang, I believe a good hitting team would have punished him. Essentially he was facing David Wright, Gary Sheffield, and a bunch of 7 hitters.

- Could you imagine how bad the Mets would have looked if Jeter swung and got a hit on the first pitch from K-Rod?

- I love Daniel Murphy, but he can sometimes be very dopey on the baseball field.

- Don’t forget Howard and I will be doing a special edition of the Weekly Digest tonight at 6pm.

- I think it’s appropriate to give Frank Russo some credit. He continuously has gotten trashed every time there is a trade rumor because of the Beltran/Cano debate we had back in October. The man has been very insightful and accurate about the thinking of the Yankees brass. On my June 7th WGBB show Frank mentioned that the Yankees were hot and heavy for Huston Street. Low and behold, three weeks later, Ken Rosenthal comes out with it and everyone is talking. I understand you taking Rosenthal’s word over ours, but you should start to realize that Frank does good work. We have no motivation to make up trade rumors. The cheap traffic doesn’t mean anything to me, nor does it even make me much money. What other independent site has an actual rumor mill? Give the man his props.

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1 Response to Mo’s 500th, an RBI, and Powerless

  1. Giuseppe Franco

    It’s been common knowledge for almost two months that the Yanks have been linked to Huston Street, which is long before Russo added his own take.

    Gammons had mentioned it on his blog on May16th and Heyman has also mentioned it before that.


    So Russo didn’t exactly break any news on that front. Those rumors had already been going around for weeks.

    Maybe we should give Russo credit for suggesting last week that Yankee fans may have to abandon ship very soon?

    As I said then, a slump does not equal a collapse. Only a fool would give up on this team now.

    Funny how things have turned around in such a short amount of time and A-Rod turning it around is a very big part of it.

    Sabathia is on a roll. Burnett is getting in a major groove as well.

    Joba is going to battle and keep his team in the game every time he takes the mound. Wang just got the monkey off his back last night and it should be a big mental stepping stone for him. Pettitte will probably bend but won’t break.

    And the bullpen is doing the job.

    This team will be fine. Boston is far from invincible.

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