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Mel Hall Sentencing Poetic Justice

By Mike Silva ~ June 18th, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized.

I could tell that some were not surprised when they heard about the sentencing of Mel Hall to 45 years in prison for rape. Jon Heyman was quoted on his twitter as saying that Hall was dating a high school girl when he was covering the Yankees in the early nineties. Hall was nearing age 30 when he played in the Bronx.

Talk about two careers, and lives, going in different directions. When Bernie Williams was called up in 1991, Hall was notoriously tough on the 22 year old rookie. Matt McGough, a bat-boy for the team, talked about this when he appeared on my show in 2007.

How ironic that Mell Hall will be spending the rest of his life in jail while Bernie goes on to pursue his second career? Perhaps Mel can spend his free time watching one of the Yankees championship videos from 1996 to 2000.

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11 Responses to Mel Hall Sentencing Poetic Justice

  1. BW

    Stop speaking about Mel Calling me a Zero we are friends and Always will be You guy are Pushing it to far….I thank you for defending me!!!!! But Enough is Enough!!!!!! I’m praying for Mel and his Family because the girl he Dated in 1989 1990 I remember the Fan mails her Mother and her were sending to meet him and then him Not responding Showed up at the Baseball game lots of times and Invited him the Mother to their house and pushed Her daugther to start Dating him because they know he was going through a divorce and Sucked him in As we love you like a Son and the parents Stoped working and Eating off of his Money Yes he got Engaged to her with the Parents Consent So No Mel did not push himself on her They worked as a Team to be Honest with you I think they Were Professionals because when he had enough of them Raping His Money he Broke up with her So thats the story…She never got over him and thats Why he is in Jail Because of these Gold diggers..The other two from his Team after 12 years to go after him Come On I don’t belive he would Moleste them…No Evidence or Proof Texas is A Prejudice City and the Jurys saw a Black, Man Athlete,Then they Saw OJ”s Face attached to Him …GULITY of 45 Years unheard of Not even a Killers get that…..Thats Texas for you Sorry Mel they put you through this…….They (THE GIRLS) will get thier Charma back..Mel is Not the Bad Guy they are,……

  2. casey rothman

    That is a sad story because I knew and my parents about the girl he coached in 1998 He was dating her mom and the mom feel in love with Mel Hall that girl was trouble since day one so she decided to fabricate this story Yes it took her 10 years later I heard she was laughing and high fiving other girls out side the court room and said i got him good Those girls worked in groups and the prosecutor Aloud it.. Shame on Them …They were laughing at his daughters sticking their tongue out and waving bye bye Daddy…Oh they were victims Right!!!!!My friend that was following this case (Mel hall) he is an attorney and was Appaulled at the lies these 2 gir;s were saying and it showed .The Jurys gave him 5 Mintues to find Mr Hall Guilty yes they say it took 90 Minutes yes because they were drinking their coffee in the back They did not care about the Truth …They saw an athelete and Thought of OJ….Discusting! Mel was very nice and respectful and gave us a Great College to attend ..Thank you….and Sorry too….

  3. mike robinson

    Mel Hall is a legend…what happened to him in Texas could happen to anyone who put themselves around kids. Don’t volunteer your time! Lying children are not worth it. These were grown adult women, whores I say. I knew him around the Yankees, he was only in his mid twenties and I heard this girl Shannon is big time liar! Her mom dated Mel supposedly fell in love with him…..and this little (bleep) of a daughter blames him for the TWO affairs her mother had on two husbands. Shannon only is about revenge, she was never touched by Mel Hall. Mel is greatness and Texas should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t even drive through that place, too many redneck racists down there!

  4. witness

    Wow you guys know the story ! I think you people were there when he coached that B” I want to say Your Right Mel Hall is not the bad guy and he is Innocent I feel really bad that they put him 45 Years in with out Evidence or his side of the story because the Alcoholic Judge did not allow his witness to come in she did not want continaunce it was All a Setup to make sure he goes to Jail the judge even sent Predjudie emails about Blacks calling them The N word Discusting …..Hopefully people could see this and say hey it’s time that we fix this Problem and hope to get Mr Hall out of Jail He is the Victim…..

  5. melhalljr.com

    this is the truth…..

  6. X-WIFE

    Hello Everyone,
    It’s Nice too see that you All care and know the truth about my XHusband Married for 13 Years and known him for 30 Years Im his Age and I was at court and I got shocked when I saw the “Girl of 20 Years ago come to court Chasidy Fernedez. Start Lying out of her Teeth….I was Married to Mel til Dec 1990….NO he did not live with anyone in 1989 or 1990 that girl that says she was sixteen. The story is her and her Mom was sending Fan mail in 89 to 1990 All the time I was getting the fan mail to separate all the mail . Week after week this Mom was sending photos of her daughter and both of them too please meet my daughter she is Beautiful,it was Crazy…Then they were going to the Ballgame because Mel did Not respond to the Fan mails, trying to get his attention at the field before the games and after the Games Boy were they trying hard….They got to speak to him Finally they seemed nice and they were begging Mel to attend the Prom for her daughter…Since they were nice Mel did an appearance and she took lots of photos …Yes the year later that photo was in the Yankee year book When we got divorced in 1991 with the family being happy that Mel was Friends then Mel as a Gentlemen got her an Engagement Ring she was 17 he was in his Mid Tweenties They Raped him out of his Money 700000$$$$$ Used him Both Parents STOPED working you see what kind of people they were…They were ALL happy till Mel said he was getting Used The two Mother and Daughter were Professional to this… Mel was not the first…. Mel left she moved to a Pro FootBall player to Rape him too…White Trash ! She came to court sayin she got abused What a Low Life…LIAR TOO! she was Not 16 when they started dating she was at Age with everyone being Happy to have Mel with her…….. They Ran to the Yankees Game to find him.. NOT HIM….Then had the nerve to go to court with the engagment Ring and Prom Pictures AFTER 20 years…What it tells me she Never got over him She is a Malicious Girl to say heres my Chance to pay him back for leaving me Made up this Story…Now Married to a 50 year old Trust Fund Baby, Who has a Pattern of Abusing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ My X got Rail Roaded with these Lies…..I hope Justice will see it ……..

  7. Raymond Fernadez

    It is the Truth wants being said here! 150%……

    Gotcha !!!!! I hope the best for Mel’s Family and Children!!!!!

    I hope the Real truth will set him Free!!!!!!

    No way he deserves this, I must say he was Stupid!!! with his

    money. Too generous!!! Never could say ” NO” It’s Sad….

  8. notevenclose

    This is basically the same person posting. She is the girlfriend that he had when he got arrested/indicted/convicted. She goes online and pretends to be many people. The website she has created has since been brought down and was full of lies NOT facts. She also impersonates one of the victims on another site making more false claims and statements.

  9. Bob Evans

    Oh it must be the X Girlfriend. herself writting the last email. Writting about herself on July4th with nothing to do. What a real Nut Case. Taking a 360 turn around that’s “Spokey” It Go on talk about yourseld and pertending it’s someone else . Nutty!

  10. Soitsidiot

    Oh it must be the X Girlfriend. herself writting the last email. Writting about herself on July 4th with nothing to do. What a real Nut Case. Taking a 360 turn around that’s “Spokey” Go on talk about yourself and pertending it’s someone else . Nutty! Did you find yourself a boyfriend please don’t show your real color.You’ll be alone the rest of your life.

  11. James Gatano

    I want to see the Real Criminal’s name once and for All! We all know Mel Hall did not committe this crime. Please will the real person STAND UP! I can’t wait….

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