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Livan Hernandez, Mo’s Revenge, Rivalry Week

By Mike Silva ~ June 8th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- How old could Livan Hernandez be? Baseball Reference has him at 21 years old his rookie year. Knowing that the bookkeeping is less than stellar outside the US, should we add five years? Is it fair to say that Livan is picking up where El Duque left off? It would have been cool to see them both pitch in the same rotation.

- Maybe the new Yankee Stadium is finally becoming home. The Stadium was the loudest I have heard all season this weekend.

- Ryan Church gave the “put me in coach I’m ready to play” vibes to the press before the game. Your opportunity to prove yourself is there Ryan are you going to finally take it? Church was on pace for a career year in 2008 until the concussion. Despite what Mike Francesa’s “sources” state, Church wants to play here and succeed. How do I know? He told me while on rehab in Brooklyn last June. I am rooting for Church because he seems like a good guy who may have his last shot at playing every day.

- Rivera has easy saves, but that might be right up there. Double sweet after the tough time he had on Saturday.

- Apparently Dave Raceniello needed help with his tie after the game.

- Alfredo Aceves with a dominant eight inning and had 4 strikeouts in 2 innings. Looks like Girardi is inching closer to using him in the role that I have been calling for.

- Who stole Robbie Cano in the eighth and replaced him with a patient hitter?

- I do believe that, if Phil Hughes is used sparingly in the bullpen, he should be in the rotation or at Scranton. Hughes could have a “Joba-like” impact in the bullpen and Girardi should give him a chance in a big spot. How about this week in Fenway?

- I think the Rays used up all their magic last year. That bullpen is getting them nowhere and there are little things happening that make you think they don’t have the 2008 karma.

- The flip side of karma: The Yanks are making a habit of these comebacks as yesterday was their 20th come from behind victory of the season.

- Just when I was getting use to that dopey camera angle at Nationals Park the series is over.

- What scares you more? Tim Redding against the Phillies lineup or Chien Ming Wang in Fenway?

- If only Pedro had performed half as well as Livan Hernandez did the Mets would have been playoff bound in 2008.

- Download the latest edition of the Weekly Digest as Howard and I discuss the state of the Mets, the AL East race, and Mariano Rivera.

- I spoke with Frank Russo on WGBB about the big week of baseball ahead. I gave a state of the union for both clubs, Frank discussed the rumor mill, and we even had some fun at the Red Sox and Phillies expense! Listen to the replay tonight at 6pm.

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1 Response to Livan Hernandez, Mo’s Revenge, Rivalry Week

  1. Giuseppe Franco

    Hughes is not going to be in the bullpen much longer so it really doesn’t make any sense to give him a defined role.

    His switch to that role is temporary until Bruney returns within the next week to ten days if he doesn’t have anymore setbacks.

    Hughes will then go back to the rotation in Scranton where he can start every five days.

    They need him to throw 150 IP this season so they want him stretched out. That won’t happen if he’s in the pen for a significant amount of time.

    In other words, don’t get used to it because he’s not staying out there long enough to stop and smell the roses.

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