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Time For Those Remaining to Step Up and Save ’09

By Mike Silva ~ June 5th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Call it the ultimate double whammy. JJ Putz is on the verge of elbow surgery and Jose Reyes has a torn hamstring. Rather than spend useless time crying about bad luck I will give you the formula to save 2009: The remaining Mets to step up. Not a single mathematical equation necessary, just “strap it on” and let’s get things done.

I wrote just two days ago that the Mets can’t win in 2009 without Reyes. This is true, but he is not yet lost for the season. If you take the optimistic approach Reyes could be back, and stealing bases, come mid to late July. That means the 2009 Mets might have to win in the short term when the deck is stacked against them.

In 2006, 2007, and 2008 the Mets had the best team on paper. Each year they were beaten by an inferior opponent. Now they are not expected to win. Most probably think this team is headed for a 75 win finish. What many fail to realize is that there is still more talent on this team than the 2000 pennant winners. Even the 2006 team had to go into the playoffs with 2 unproven pitchers, Tom Glavine, and Steve Trachshel – not exactly a fearsome foursome.

This is where David Wright and Carlos Beltran need to carry the offense like Mike Piazza and Edgardo Alfonzo did in 2000. Ryan Church needs to have an “April 2008 run” and make up for some of the lost offense when Delgado went down. Can Gary Sheffield give you the last breaths of offense like Robin Ventura did? Alex Cora, Fernando Tatis, Fernando Martinez, and Dan Murphy must provide surprise production like Jay Payton, Benny Agbayani, and Bubba Trammell did. Don’t forget you still have the best Mets pitcher since Doc Gooden throwing every five days. Things aren’t good, but the Mets didn’t become the Nationals overnight.

We will learn about the true character of this team. They can fold the tent and go home. No one expects the Mets to win anymore. The fact that teams like Pittsburgh, Washington, and Colorado would trade places in a minute will go unnoticed. The experts are putting their money that this team folds like a cheap suit. Can you blame them? But what a great story it would be if they stayed together, competed, and took off when the cavalry arrives. It would be a fitting Mets moment and a great way to start a new era in a new ballpark. Which direction will they take? Let’s see starting tonight.

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2 Responses to Time For Those Remaining to Step Up and Save ’09

  1. MetsFanInCA

    Prescient post considering the nightmare sweep by the Bucs. I’ve been thrilled with Shef’s play and hope to see Tatis back in the lineup as well as Santos’ continued surprise play.

    But I can’t see this team healthy and productive in August. Age will catch with Castillo and Shef and inexperience of Murphy, Martinez and Santos will lead to a very tough stretch run.

  2. Moface

    Although this is a Mets related post, I can’t but help myself to provide a link to an article. This is for Mike Silva, Frank Russo and all of the other Joba to the pen people: sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/tim_marchman/06/04/joba.chamberlain/index.html. Now, this debate should be dead and buried because of the Yankees latest decision, and I am probably beating a dead horse here, but I thought this article can enlighten some people as to why Joba needs to stay in the rotation and why moving him to the pen makes no sense. Enjoy.

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