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Eating Crow, Pittsburgh, A New Record.

By Mike Silva ~ June 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- The story Monday night was that the Yankees set the team record for errorless games at 18. No, the story was Joba Chamberlain, but for a team that played a lot of slow pitch softball the last five seasons this should be a welcome change to the fan base. Defense and Pitching will always beat a power laden offense. I use to compare the Yanks to the nineties Seattle Mariners. Of course we all know how many championships Seattle, and the recent Yankees edition, won.

- Mike Silva, Sid Rosenberg, and Scott Pose all say Joba should be in the bullpen this year during Sunday’s NYBD on WGBB. All Joba does to counter is throw 8 innings and 106 pitches. This while there were a bunch of midges mounting their revenge on him. There are tons of listeners and readers of this site that probably are saying – “take that!”.

- You can listen to JJ Putz audio below, but the bottom line he needs to step up. It’s true that there were a couple of bleeders and an error that cost him. He doesn’t effectively execute anything but fastballs. That is a huge problem and, without an effective Putz, the Mets bullpen looks a lot more like 2007 and 2008. The Mets always seem to have a game in Pittsburgh just like last night. Check out 7/8/05. There was also the 3 game sweep in 2006.

- Gary Sheffield has pain behind the knee. That doesn’t sound good. Give him credit for being a gamer, but the Mets need to get healthy very quickly. Last night was a huge setback in going 5-2, and thus, 10-3 over this soft stretch. Imagine this lineup without Sheffield? Emil Brown very well could be on his way. Thankfully it doesn’t appear to be the swine flu.

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4 Responses to Eating Crow, Pittsburgh, A New Record.

  1. Giuseppe Franco

    According to GameDay, Joba last night was hitting 98 MPH in the 7th inning and 97 MPH in the 8th inning and he didn’t need to storm out of the bullpen for one inning to do it.

    There are only a few pitchers in MLB who are capable of doing that when they’re knocking on 100+ pitches for the night.

    Joba is one of them. Verlander is another. You can probably count all of them on one hand.

    Those of us who followed Joba’s career before he ever put on the Yankee pinstripes know very well that he’s capable of maintaining his velocity and overall stuff like that because he did it consistently when he was at Nebraska and in the minors leagues in 2007.

    Those who are clueless to what he did before his big league debut have no idea what Joba is capable of doing if he’s simply left alone.

    That’s why the “rotation vs. bullpen” debate has always been so mind-numbingly stupid and the reason why Cashman and Girardi insist on leaving him in the rotation where he belongs.

    He’s not even close to a finished product yet, either. Just wait until Joba really learns how to pitch and he’s going to be among the top pitchers in the game.

    But, hey, let’s just limit him to one inning. That makes all kinds of sense.

  2. Moface

    Well said Giuseppe. Well said. Last night was not a good night for b-jobbers, particularly Francesa. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Francesa family dog got hurt last night because of all of the diet cokes thrown last night. I’m sure the b-jobbers are still going to insist that he belongs in the bullpen.

  3. James K.

    I get the sense that the “Joba should be in the bullpen” people actively root for him to stink in the rotation. You said it all Guiseppe, and I love this closing line:

    “But, hey, let’s just limit him to one inning. That makes all kinds of sense.”

  4. Moface

    You’re absolutley right James. Not only do they wish for him to suck, they wish for him to get injured. And, not only that, they wish for another starter to get injured to create a dynamic where if so and so pitches well, then maybe the yankees can put joba back in the pen. Pretty despicable if you ask me that the mediots want yankee pitchers to get injured.

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