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Grinding it Out, Pavano’s Revenge, Major League

By Mike Silva ~ June 1st, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- The Mets were criticized by many, this site included, for their inability to grind out situations where the odds against them were long. I understand the schedule was in their favor last week, but the injury bug closed the gap between them and just about any team in the league. Yesterday you saw them grind out a game that they very easily could have given away.

- Carl Pavano has a 2.70 ERA against the Yankees this year with a BAA of .224. That is nearly 3 runs better than his season average in ERA and 50 points better in BAA.

- The Indians may be as dead as a doornail, but it appears they have a pretty cool promotion during the month of June. I am all for giving an icon like Rick Vaughn a bobble head, but you can’t do just him alone. Where are Pedro Cerrano, Jake Taylor, Roger Dorn, and the infamous Willie Mays Hayes? I might even throw in Mackey Sasser clone Rube Baker as well.

- Baptism by fire for Bobby Parnell who continues to grow up this season. Where would the Mets bullpen be without him? His pitch selection to Jorge Cantu was superb (should we credit Omir Santos for that – bet Dan Warthen does) and he buckled down to get a tough lefty out in Hermida. Don’t overlook the two nice plays in the outfield by Gary Sheffield during that eighth inning.

- JJ Putz was “anxious” according to Santos yesterday. Is the problem mental or physical? Doug Sisk came on our show last winter and expressed concern about how Putz would handle New York.

- The Yankees 17 consecutive errorless games has as much to do with the presence of Mark Teixeira as anything else. Jeter and Cano, who combined for 25 errors last year, only have 4 through the first two months. A great defensive first baseman can improve the entire infield because of his ability to pick it.

- Down 4-0 on a lazy Sunday in Cleveland would have made the 2008 Yankees pack their bags and get ready for the next day. Despite the loss, that was a huge positive that I took away from yesterday’s game.

- It’s June 1st does Joe Girardi know where his bullpen roles are? Since no one wants to do the obvious – Joba to the bullpen- I will reveal my updated bullpen plan later this morning.

- Angel Pagan is having the same type of injury luck that plagued Jose Reyes earlier in his career. I wouldn’t expect to see him anytime soon.

- Brett Gardner was real stand up about yesterday’s base running mistake. Will Girardi be just as stand up when the Yankees bullpen fails because of his management foibles?

- It’s early, but K-Rod might go down as the best free agent acquisition in Mets history. He doesn’t just have nasty stuff, but the dude really knows how to pitch.

- Howard and I talked about Omir Santos, Mark Teixeira, the Yankees bullpen, and the Mets upcoming road trip on yesterday’s Weekly Digest. Later today you will hear a replay of NYBD on WGBB where Sid Rosenberg talked about his upcoming book and Scott Pose gave great insight into the Yankees, Mets, and some topics around baseball. Here that live or on replay starting at 6pm today.

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  1. fredsaid

    Just had to say it again.

    “It’s early, but K-Rod might go down as the best free agent acquisition in Mets history. He doesn’t just have nasty stuff, but the dude really knows how to pitch”.

    Except though that the Mets did do it a few times before. So I’ll say that it is one of the best FA that they picked up.

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