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Stolen Base, Santos, Midges, Sole Possession of 1st

By Mike Silva ~ May 30th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- Looks like the midges are having an off year in Cleveland as well. Where did they go last night? A pre-game appearance and they bolted quicker than a bunch of Dodgers fans. Makes you wonder if they knew the importance of that 2007 ALDS Game 2?

- I was one of the guys thinking that Jerry Manuel should have pinch run for Gary Sheffield. Chris Carlin mentioned this on the post game as well. That is why Chris and I are doing what we do, and Jerry manages the team. Stealing second was just another winning baseball play for the 40 year old who may wind up being one of the missing pieces, both on and off the field, that this team needs.

- Sliding into Home makes a very interesting point. After last night’s victory the Yanks have sole possession of the AL East penthouse for the first time since Oct 1st 2006. After the bad start in 2007, the failed 2008 for Kennedy, Hughes, and Chamberlain, the Yankees seem to be on a roll and have found the right mix.

- I believe the AL will come to two teams this season. The Yanks and Red Sox. Just look at how much better both these teams are than the rest of the league? You will see both separate themselves over the next 30 days. I don’t think it will be much of a sweat in the Bronx this summer. The only question should be which team will be the wild card.

- Omir Santos is becoming one of those great stories that Mets fans have becomes use to over the years. You have had Rick Reed, Pat Mahomes, and Endy Chavez as minor league fringe players that found huge success in New York. Think about what he has done in just a little over a month. He sent Castro packing to Chicago and probably made Brian Schneider a backup. A caller on the FAN made the comparison that Santos might be the Mets version of Chris Coste. I think that is a great analogy.

- Want to know an overlooked fact? Santos played seven seasons in the Yankees organization. He was actually on the 2001 Staten Island Yankees that would lose to Brooklyn for the first McNamara Division title. That was the inaugural season for Brooklyn.

- Home comings are always a tricky thing. When CC Sabathia takes the mound for the Yankees how will the Indians fans response? I believe Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi, and Carlos Beltran were all treated rudely in the returns to their respective cities. Beltran’s might have been the nastiest of them all.

- Assuming Andy Pettite’s back is ok we now have to believe that Chien Ming Wang might be the starter that is converted into a key bullpen piece. You heard it from Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi: Joba is a starter period. Frank Russo mentioned Huston Street as a possibility. I like that idea, but would you give up a Melancon, Claggett, McAllister, or Kroenke for him? Any quality setup man or closer will, in my opinion, cost you one of the better young arms in the organization.

- Don’t overlook the White Sox sending Lance Broadway back to the Mets. He was one of the pieces that was suppose to be part of the Peavy package.

- You guys laughed at Gary Armida, but Aceves did exactly what he suggested in his piece earlier this week.

- Mike Pelfrey is emerging as the second starter that the Mets need. He has shown so much growth and maturity over the last calendar year. He is not quite there yet, but very well could emerge as the top of the rotation starter that everyone, including me, thinks the Mets need to acquire.

- Luis Castillo, very quietly, is putting up a nice 2009 season. He has been consistent, played good defense, and pretty much given you everything you want out of a #2 hitter. For has much grief, deservedly, he got in 2008, he should be given the same credit for a good season to date.

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  1. Oldtimer

    You gotta give Omar credit. Castillo is doing an acceptable job. Sheffield has been all that we can ask for. Santos came out of nowhere and most importantly they’re in first place. He has made his share of mistakes but he has made some good moves too. Perez is a good #5 guy. And he didn’t sign Pedro.

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