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Yankee Stadium Security Hates You

By Phil Allard ~ May 24th, 2009. Filed under: Digest Contributors.

Yankee Stadium III, as it is currently being run, is not a fan-friendly environment. In fact, it seems to be administered by security, ushers, stadium-personnel– whatever you want to call them–that appear to be auditioning for some Neo-Nazi secret storm trooper security battalion.


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Phil Allard

1 Response to Yankee Stadium Security Hates You

  1. Ceetar

    While the Mets have made a point to have everyone be friendly, there is still similiar ‘security issues’ at Citi Field. some of it gets blown out of proportion by negative, whiny fans. Some of it’s just the price of doing business in NY. And some of it is completely out of control.

    I haven’t been to the New Yankee Stadium yet, but when I was there last year I was confused as to what they were gaining by making me remove my cap, and showing them my cellphone.

    I had an issue at Citi Field where my hat blew off my head in the Promenade, and down onto the exclusive excelsior level. No one would let me in there to retrieve it.

    As is often the case, they’re just following procedure, rather than actually trying to make things safer.

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