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Enemy of My Enemy, Gas, Over/Under, HBP

By Mike Silva ~ May 23rd, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

- In foreign policy the term “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is commonly used for nations, often at odds, uniting for a cause. This weekend Mets and Yankees fans, usually not found of each other, should apply the same doctrine. Unfortunately the favor wasn’t returned in the Bronx.

- Johan Santana pitched his gutsiest game of the season last night. He had to get four outs in three different innings. Pitching in Fenway Park against a patient offensive team like Boston makes this chore even more difficult. That is why he is an ace and worth every penny. When you look up the definition of an ace tonight should be the blueprint.

- My over/under number for homers at Yankee Stadium was 12. Perhaps I was low balling the prediction. I had the over, but didn’t think it would be this easy. We are already at 7 after last night’s game.

- Mets fans saw first hand how this Red Sox team doesn’t like to be pitched inside. The Youkilis HBP was a result of him hanging over the plate. He shouldn’t be complaining about it, nor should he have been awarded first. It’s about time players, like Youkilis, are penalized for crowding the plate to shrink the strike zone. The umpires should show some guts and not award them first base.

- Best free agent acquisition might have to be Raul Ibanez (16 HR’s, 41 RBI, .353 BA). He may be the single reason why Philly has been able to overcome the poor starting pitching.

- Chien Ming Wang still looks like he needs work. If not for a good play by Cano the line would have looked much worse. Why rush him back? Phil Hughes hasn’t done a bad job. Let Wang work out his kinks at AAA and give Hughes more starts.

- Overlooked performance in Boston: Bobby Parnell in the eighth. He was throwing gas, including one pitch that hit 100 mph on the gun.

- I don’t think the Mets can survive another day, much less a week, with Ramon Martinez at SS. The game is too fast for him at the position. Santana was about to pop after his second error of the night. What’s more he nearly threw away a routine groundball in the sixth after his error started a Red Sox rally. At this point get someone up here who can field the position (Jonathan Malo?) and don’t worry about the offense.

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4 Responses to Enemy of My Enemy, Gas, Over/Under, HBP

  1. Oldtimer

    Oh boy, when we’re crying for a Malo or a Tejada we know the Mets are in trouble. Double A players at short! OH boy!

  2. Moface

    River Ave. Blues wrote about the Wang situation today and I think they are dead on. Wang’s return to the big leagues was a panic move by Cashman and the FO because of Joba getting hit on the leg. Time and time again, the yankee FO is still being the overprotective parent when it comes to Joba Chamberlain. Wang’s return to the big leagues last night was a knee-jerk reaction to Joba and a major FO blunder because what do they do now with Wang?

  3. Brain Cashman

    “Best free agent acquisition might have to be Raul Ibanez (16 HR’s, 41 RBI, .353 BA). He may be the single reason why Philly has been able to overcome the poor starting pitching.”


    Nice call.

  4. Mike Silva


    That article was written by an NYBD contributor (Joey Mayo) and since he no longer writes here I took him off the roles to clean up the site a bit. Any archive goes under my name by default so I can see the confusion.

    Even though I didn’t write that I wasn’t pushing for the Mets to sign Ibanez. I am surprised at his start. Let’s see how things play out the rest of the year, but I will give props where they are due.

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