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Morning Digest: The Versus Edition

By Mike Silva ~ May 14th, 2009. Filed under: Morning Digest.

The theme of this morning’s thoughts is versus. Enjoy!

Good vs. Great

I think Mets fans are confused by this one recently. Yesterday was another example of why, although I love David Wright and Jose Reyes, you have to wonder if they are truly great players. Reyes made not one, but two, base running blunders. You would think by now he wouldn’t take anything for granted. With walls the size of skyscrapers at Citi Field could you ever honestly style and not run? David Wright, once again, made a bonehead error. This series could easily been a sweep of the Braves. The antics of Wright and Reyes made sure that didn’t happen. I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t be writing this about Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Derek Jeter, Dustin Pedroia, and Kevin Youkilis. By the way they all have hardware. Of course what do I know? I guess I should be putting my head in the sand like some Mets fans who comment on this site. This isn’t “romper room” fellas where we make you feel good. This site is about the brutal truth. There are plenty of sites you can go for kool aid. Drop me a line I will send you a few.

Road trip A vs. Road Trip B

Road Trip A - Team goes 4 and 2 feeling good about themselves

Road Trip B – Team goes .500 and questions still abound

I predict CC Sabathia will make road trip A reality. With a winnable home stretch (Minnesota, Baltimore, and Philly on next homestand) this could turn the Yanks in the right direction. I believe tonight is a rare important May game. That is why you paid all this money for an ace.

8th inning vs. 9th inning

I thought JJ Putz was kidding when he told Boomer and Carton that the adrenaline wasn’t the same coming out for the eighth inning. I have heard Putz has a dry sense of humor, but does anyone know if this was sincerely his thoughts?

Jeff Montgomery talked about this, and other closer issues, on a February edition of NYBD radio. We hear about setup men not adjusting to closing, but is Putz the opposite? Right now an ERA of 4.05 looks a lot like what you would have expected about of last year’s bullpen. You didn’t have to give up seven guys to achieve that result.

The Mets are already one starter short. They can’t have their setup man searching for adrenaline.

Status Quo vs. Change

I am sometimes the first guy to lose patience, especially with younger players. What do the Yankees do this year with Brett Gardner? There is obviously potential (2-3, First ML Homer), but you see long spurts where he seems overmatched. With this team seemingly one bat short, and age making that two or more bats on given days, you have to think the Yanks will look to change up that position. If they continue to struggle I believe Brett and that position might be the sacrificial lamb.

Tonight Gary Carter, manager of the Long Island Ducks, will join me tonight to talk about his managerial journey that has landed him on Long Island. Tune in at 6pm.

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3 Responses to Morning Digest: The Versus Edition

  1. LGM


    The “antics” of Reyes and Wright?? For Wright making an error and Reyes making a baserunning mistake??? Esrrors = antics now??? Rollins, Jeter, etc never make those mistakes?? Really?? Have you watched those guys play at all?? Jimmy Rollins “antics” already got in trouble last yr for not running balls out…and also for showing up late to a game vs the Mets, but yeah he never does anything wrong. And Jeter’s “antics” have made him the worst defensive SS in baseball the past few yrs. And Pedroia’s “antics” enabled him to make a huge error in a game vs the Yanks this yr on an even easier play than the one Wright booted yesterday….but luckily his team picked him up and came back. But yeah you are right none of those other guys ever screw up…..

  2. James K.

    It’s fair to criticize Reyes for his baserunning gaffes. These were mental mistakes. Totally justified.

    It’s not fair to call physical errors “antics” and claim that those other players would never make mistakes. LGM pointed out a few of them above but I’m sure there’s more. These guys aren’t machines – they’re gonna make physical errors.

    The hatred of Wright and Reyes here (and by the Mets fanbase as a whole) is totally irrational.

  3. Kings

    It just seems that wright and reyes make those stupid plays at the worst time. just like hitting with runners in scoring position.

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