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Mets Don’t Have Edge and it’s Managements Fault

By Mike Silva ~ May 4th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

When Omar Minaya told the media that his team “lacks an edge” he was absolutely correct. Not are the players a step behind teams like the Philles, but management has put infrastructure in place to insure that the entire organization is one step behind.

It starts with their weak attempt to control the news surrounding the team. Whether it’s banning newspapers from the locker room, spin cycle press conferences, or flat out lies nothing ever appears to be what it seems around the team. One day the Mets lack an edge, the next the comments were misconstrued. Want to read a newspaper at Citi Field? Good luck unless it’s the National Enquirer. Glad to know that David Wright and company know the latest on Britney Spears. Also, how often do you feel the Mets aren’t telling the truth about an injury in other in house matters? Probably your answer is “all the time”.

Being on the same page has never been the team’s strength. All the way back to the days of Bobby Valentine and Steve Phillips it’s been he said/he said with a Mets GM and the coaching staff. Remember, this is the same team that tried to employ a “committee approach” to the front office when Jim Duquette was in charge. Remember what that resulted in? Scott Kazmir in Tampa Bay. These days it’s Omar Minaya saying one thing and Jerry Manuel saying another. Each seems to have the look of confusion when the media tells a quote from the other. How can you expect the players to know what’s going on when their bosses are talking in riddles?

The final piece of “the axis of chaos” is player development. Sometimes you have to wonder if the Mets front office is run like the post office. Was someone out to lunch when Jesus Flores was left unprotected? Why can Florida develop the likes of Matt Lindstrom, but not the Mets? Don’t worry! The Mets are in solid ground with the commissioner’s office. Why? Because they never pay above slot in the draft. It wouldn’t matter anyway because unless it’s about international signings the Mets aren’t interested in you anyway. While names like Chamberlain, Hughes, and Melancon have been drafted by the Yankees, while they were still making the playoffs, the Mets have Fernando Martinez. We keep hearing about Martinez’s “tools”, but yet to see tangible results. And if you bring up Pelfrey, remember that the Mets were still reeling from the Scott Kazmir fiasco of the prior year. It would it have looked bad to let a top five pick get away. Again, how do you sustain winning when management fails to have strong player development?

All of these issues don’t fall on the shoulders of David Wright, Jose Reyes, or Carlos Beltran. It’s not their fault that the Mets can’t bring up a Phil Hughes to replace Oliver Perez. If Sean Green fails there is no Mark Melancon, Anthony Claggett, or David Robertson. This team had a chance to takeover the city in 2006. They blew that and compounded it with poor decisions over the next two years. Imagine if they didn’t have the opportunity to take advantage of the Minnesota Twins? I shudder to think of a Mets team without Johan Santana. We would be hearing Omar talking about how Carlos Gomez is the next Jimmy Rollins and Deolis Guerra is not that far away.

So Omar you were right in saying the Mets don’t have an edge. The only thing you did wrong was not to include yourself and the Wilpon’s to the equation.

To listen to Mike talk about all issues surrounding the Mets listen to Sunday’s Weekly Digest.

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5 Responses to Mets Don’t Have Edge and it’s Managements Fault

  1. kranepool society

    BRAVO Mike Every point you made was spot on and now that you’ve told the truth you will become an enemy of the Skil Sets but don’t worry I have room in the fox hole for you.

    By next week Delgado will be going from day to day to surgery for hip replacement.

  2. metsman

    While I certainly get the point of your article and agree totally. But Jesus Flores was NOT placed on waivers. He was left unprotected after his 3-4 years in the system (depending on age when signed) and was selected in the rule V draft. As for Lindstorm he was never anything special when he was a Met and he hasn’t changed since. He was always known for throwing hard but had serious control problems, nothing has changed there.

  3. Mike Silva

    Metsman your correct. I have referenced that situation, and used waivers liberally. I was trying to make my point because, in effect, not protecting a player is equivalent to putting him on waivers.

    I can see your point about Lindstrom as well. It’s certainly playing armchair quarterback with those winter of 06′ moves. My question is why can San Diego and Florida spot the talent in a Heath Bell and Matt Lindstrom and the Mets can’t?

    Playing development is a huge issue and the Mets are light years behind the Yankees in this situation. You can’t preach budget and not put a focus on total player development. International market is just one piece of the entire puzzle.

  4. Carlos Wilpon

    A great post but a wasted effort.

    The root cause of all the Mets’ problems is Fred “Dolan” Wilpon.

    As long as he owns the team — which will be run by his son until approximately 2040 — the failure, embarrassment, frustration, overshadowing by the Yankees, lies, bad contracts, bad managers, homages to Jackie Robinson in lieu of a winning on field product, shrill, insufferable in-game experiences, lead of men who can’t bunt, $100M outfielders who won’t slide, 2B men by trade learning LF on the job at the MLB level, and … and … and …..

    …. will persist.

    So – do what I do. Hit Fred with your wallet in the hope that he will sell. Don’t attend games. Don’t buy Mets shirts, hats, etc.

    Anyone who goes to Mets games and/or buys Mets merchandise is rewarding Fred Dolan Wilpon for failure.

    It’s easier said than done. Damn my beloved Dad for making me a Mets fan. What a shitty fucking franchise they are!!!

  5. Moses Magnum

    Mike thank you for such a GREAT article. Everything was on point. For every positive thing Minaya has done..there are 2 negatives he’s done.

    I thank him for making this team competitive but he’s not a genius and bringing in these big name players is his way of masking the bad moves he’s made with the players that aren’t big names.

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