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Fear of Failure Will Ultimately Doom Mets

By Mike Silva ~ April 29th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Last September Mike Piazza commented on how you need to “channel fear of failure” to succeed in New York. It’s clear that, since October of 2006, this group of Mets has fallen victim to this very fear.

Twenty one games is not nearly enough time to panic, but the same issue that has followed this team through two September swoons still exists. When expectations rise the team finds ways to fail. Pundits will point to passion, effort, and intensity as the main reason they fall short time and time again. I use to think that as well. The real culprit is fear. The team is afraid to disappoint a rabid fan base that perpetually is waiting for the roof to cave on their heads.

The face of this failure is David Wright. Perhaps the burden of the franchise is something he is incapable of carrying on his shoulders. At this point Wright is just another version of A-Rod without the weird social hang-ups. The bullpen may seem different, but Sean Green and Putz danced around the strike zone just like Aaron Heilman, Luis Ayala, and Scott Schoeneweis did last season. Even Jerry Manuel channeled Willie Randolph by not bringing Pedro Feliciano in to face John Baker on Tuesday night.

This weekend may not be the Mets “Gettysburg”, but it’s certainly going to dictate how deep a hole they will need to climb out of. Imagine getting swept in Philadelphia? You might as well build the Francesa soap box right now.

The scary part about all this is that there is nothing anyone can do. You can’t trade away fear. Firing the coaches won’t extinguish it from the clubhouse.  We already know the fans aren’t capable of improving their performance. The core of this team has carried fear with them since October of 2006 and there is no end in sight. I sometimes even wonder how fear likes its new locker at Citi Field. Ultimately fear will be the legacy of David Wright, Carlos Beltran, and Jose Reyes. It will define Omar Minaya’s “New Mets”. Will it ever change? Right now it seems unlikely. Until it does, pull up a chair, sit back, and be prepared for a very long 2009 season. Fear is front and center and ready for a record breaking season.

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2 Responses to Fear of Failure Will Ultimately Doom Mets

  1. Kings

    Great article, Mike. My take for this team has been that their failure was due to the overall character flaws of several players. I’ve felt that many lack the courage necessary to overcome obstacles. Note how rarely this team comes back to win after being down late in the game. Your analysis of fear being the root cause is probably a greater insight than mine. The fear of failure is inherent in professionals regarless of trade. Some overcome it with superlative performance to ensure success. Others become crippled by it, and are doomed to fail. We already know where the Mets are, and housecleaning will be in order at the end of what appears to be another discouraging season.

  2. Metsies

    To sum up every post here:

    blah blah blah Francesca is stupid blah blah blah Francesca is so dumb why would anyone listen to him? blah blah blah Francesca stinks but let’s mention him in every post anyway

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