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Time is not on Chien-Ming Wang’s side

By Phil Allard ~ April 14th, 2009. Filed under: Digest Contributors.

Ever since Chien-Ming Wang burst upon the baseball scene with two consecutive 19-win seasons, his detractors have issued dire warnings that he wouldn’t be able to sustain his success.

We’ve been told he simply does not strike out enough batters. His BAPIP may be low, but he’s been lucky, it will eventually get much higher. When you consider the poor defense behind him, it’s only a matter of time before he self destructs. And with so few strikeouts, his bad defense will have many more opportunities to show their lack of range and clunky hands.


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Phil Allard

1 Response to Time is not on Chien-Ming Wang’s side

  1. Jeter Fan

    Good piece Phil. Once again – just the facts and good, spot on analysis.

    If Wang’s decline is quick, will Cashman be praised for not signing him to a long term deal?

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