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With a scant 159 games left in the season, the Yanks may still have a shot

By Phil Allard ~ April 9th, 2009. Filed under: Digest Contributors.

The first series of every Major League Baseball Season is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s wonderful to have the game back after a long, cold, stark winter. But on the other hand, the first series of the season gets magnified to absurd levels.

Witness one Wallace Matthews, who wrote before the Yanks’ third game of the season: “The Yankees absolutely, positively have to win today.”

The worse part is he isn’t kidding. Matthews continues: “Four days into their 2009 season, and already, they face a must-win game, period. You simply can’t spend 423 million Yankee dollars in the offseason and start off getting swept by a team that won all of 68 games last year.”

It’s hard to know where to begin to address throwing in the towel on April 9.

OK, I really shouldn’t just be picking on Matthews. The truth is he isn’t the only New York area writer pressing the panic button…the lack of common sense is all over the New York Post and Daily News. It’s shocking to think some of these guys, like Mike Lupica, get paid to publish their twisted and obvious agendas everyday, but thems the facts.

Per my doctor’s orders, I no longer listen to AM Sports Talk Radio…but I can only imagine the doom and gloom emanating from WFAN would make Edgar Allan Poe jealous.

Relax Yankee fans, our very own Frank Russo has it right….the cream will rise to the top. This Yankee team is loaded and will be zooming to a strong winning streak soon.   Salvaging the last game in Baltimore today was a good start.

In the next two games, the Yanks face the inimitable Sidney Ponson and Horacio  Ramirez. Ya, something tells me that with 159 games left in the season, the Yanks aren’t out of it yet.

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Phil Allard

2 Responses to With a scant 159 games left in the season, the Yanks may still have a shot

  1. James K.

    “I no longer listen to AM Sports Talk Radio”

    Music to my ears. If only everyone else would do the same. Better to read about baseball by intelligent writers than listen to blowhards scream and yell about clutch hitting and leadership.

  2. Moface

    Great article Phil. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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