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Sports Astrologer: Be Wary of CC and Teixeira

By Mike Silva ~ March 25th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Andrea Mallis of Virgo in Service joined me during the back half of my Sunday night show on WGBB. Andrea is a noted sports astrologer who has appeared on numerous media outlets including ESPN and WFAN. She uses cycles and timing to predict future performance. Two examples were her concerns about the signings of Billy Wagner and Barry Zito in 2005 and 2006. Her readings gave her red flags about Wagner’s health during his current four year deal. With Zito, she believed that he was heading for a downward performance cycle. I don’t think I need to go to the history books to tell you what happened on both these individuals.

I asked Andrea to come on and give us a taste of her readings. She studied four new imports to the New York scene: Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, JJ Putz, and K-Rod. Teixeira, very much like Zito, is entering a downward cycle. What does this mean? Yankees fans might want to be wary about their expectations for the big free agent first baseman. Sabathia is entering a very intense cycle, specifically in August and September. This year will be marked by how he handles the pressures coming from his contract and assimilation to a new city. The fact that his sign points to sensitivity and vulnerability is never a good combination for the pressure cooker of New York.

The Mets have been notorious for obtaining free agents on the downswing. What did Andrea think of JJ Putz and Francisco Rodriguez? Fear not Mets fans because both are entering into positive cycles. K-Rod reads as someone who is focused, responsible, and efficient this year. Putz, although a bit more of an emotional sign, appears to be headed for a revival after a subpar 2008.

It’s always fun to have new and different perspectives on the show and I believe you will enjoy listening to Andrea combine sports with astrology.


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2 Responses to Sports Astrologer: Be Wary of CC and Teixeira

  1. Mike Snatch

    Total waste of time, and couldn’t be more contradictory to the facts. CC is well known to be physically AND emotionally an iron man, Tex is in the prime of his career moving to a line up with a great supporting cast, and K-Rod is coming off one of the luckiest seasons for a closer in history, and his peripherals already indicate some decline. I guess Putz is probably the closest to an informed prediction, but it’s all pretty ridiculous to me.

    And your fortune teller is clearly a Met fan, which would indicate she’s entering an intense disappointed cycle.

  2. Moface

    This “Baseball Astrology” is all bogus and it is clear that she is a Yankee hater and big Met fan. The fact that she compared Tex to Zito is absolutely ludicrous. As Snatch mentioned, Tex is an elite hitter in his prime and should continue his elite production. Sabathia is also in his prime and has improved every year since 2005.

    Realistically, K-Rod might be a disappointment. His WHIP is very pedesterian, and K/9 has declined; and add in the fact that Putz is clearly a superior reliever, K-Rod might be a huge disappointment for the Mets.

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