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Mets Bullpen – Silva’s Surprising Early Favorites

By Mike Silva ~ March 10th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

The Mets bullpen is no closer to being complete today than it was during spring workouts. Here is how I see it going into today’s action.

Obvious Locks


Despite what everyone has been commenting about, I will take Jerry Manuel at his word that he will only carry 6 relievers. My doubt on this is the uncertainty of the fifth spot. Right now, I don’t see a lot of starter innings from that slot. Regardless, too early to tell how that will develop so here are two early favorites for the last two spots:

Brian Stokes – Has picked up from last year. I know he can’t get lefties out, but don’t be surprised if he can emerge as a situational righty, or even a long man out of the pen. Right now you have to think Tim Redding is going to be needed in the starting rotation. His pen absence gives the Mets a need for a long man. Stokes, formerly a starter, can also play that role, although I like him better in shorter one inning stints. Anyone who can throw mid to high nineties is welcome in my bullpen. His versatility and success last year make him one of my early favorites.

Matt DeSalvo – Maybe I am biased because I discussed him with Joe DelGrippo during our Live From Ft. Lauderdale show, but he has had been successful this spring. Remember how Darren Oliver came out of nowhere? Perhaps DeSalvo is that type of player this year. He mentioned to DelGrippo that he finally is embracing the bullpen role. This is the type of guy that may find his inner baseball player at the age of 27.

Obviously neither of those names probably make Mets fans very happy. You may also notice that I didn’t include Duaner Sanchez in the bullpen. I have a strong feeling that Sanchez will not show enough to warrant his salary. Cutting him before April 1st might be necessary to use that cash on a possible fifth starter. I will stand by this until Redding, Garcia, Hernandez, or Niese step up and show they are healthy and/or capable of getting major league hitters out.

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2 Responses to Mets Bullpen – Silva’s Surprising Early Favorites

  1. kranepool society

    Right on the money about Dirty Duaner now that he’s gone his money might go to the Bring Petey Back Fund.

    don’t discount Ron Villone and Rule 5 guy Darren O’Day. If they can find a way to keep O’Day (player to be named sceanario with the Angels) and assign him to Buffalo the could keep Stokes in the pen

  2. doctaK

    I think you fail to realize that Jerry Manuel does not make personnel decisions, i.e. who makes the team and who doesn’t.

    That job belongs to Omar Minaya and co., the architects of the team. Manuel might have some input, but the decision is not his. For instance, it was Omar who cut Sanchez today, not Jerry.

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