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Joe Benigno to Write a Book?

By Mike Silva ~ February 17th, 2009. Filed under: Sports Media Commentary.

I am not listening to the midday show, but some of the posters at mikefrancesa.com claim that Joe Benigno is writing a book. I wonder what the book could be about? If I had to take a guess it might be a look through the glasses of the world’s most negative fan. He didn’t name the co-author that is working on this project with him. Of course, if this is inaccurate please let me know since I am only going by another listeners report.

How long before Neil Best picks this up? My clever title: Oh the Pain! Living the life of a Mets, Jets, and Rangers fan. By Joe Benigno.

Update: 12:25 PM – I just exchanged email’s with Neil Best and he pointed out that the book will be more like Chris Russo’s list versus a personal biography.

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2 Responses to Joe Benigno to Write a Book?

  1. Rob

    Well one thing we can be sure of Benigno won’t be writing a book on proper use of the English language. He is one of the many bad radio announcers employed by WFAN where entertainment radio has taken over for sports talk.

  2. fredsaid

    OK this is my book about what I feel will be this coming year.

    Looks like it to me.

    At least it does on paper. Looks like they fixed the needed pieces of what went wrong last year will not happen this year.

    This year the starting staff and the pen is going in stronger then last year. Pelf is now considered to be a good starter, Main is now healthy, and there sure is a strong chance that from the group of a 1/2 dozen pitchers one of them will be good enough for the 5 spot.

    Plus look how much the offense can still be better then last year. Instead of the weak clutch hitting the offense was good enough, and this year it should be even better.

    Delgado is now completely over his injuries and can do it all year long.

    And the same can be said for Beltran, cause he did improve over his game as the season went on last year. And now he is able to go all out.

    And Reyes and Wright are now in a position to reach their potential. And I feel that their potential still has some way to go.

    Plus if Church is over his concussion, as he said so, then he will be much better then he was playing after he got hurt.

    Plus Castillo has worked hard to get into shape this year. So why can’t he be closer to his stats this year.

    Perhaps not all of this will happen, but I feel enough of it will.

    And that is the way I feel. This team does have the stuff to go all the way.

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