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Possible One Year Deals

By Mike Silva ~ January 17th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Omar Minaya mentioned on SNY’s “Hot Stove” Thursday night that he could address the offensive after he completes the pitching staff. It’s never too early to speculate about players that possibly could help the Mets. Below is a list of some names that came to mind. I gave up on my quest for Manny Ramirez, so all you will see are players that could help in the OF, 2b, or C. The only other criterion used is that I tried to stay away from any player that would require losing a draft pick.

Pudge Rodriguez – Doesn’t excite me in the least, but can’t hurt to sign on a minor league deal. Knowing how brittle Ramon Castro is, and the offensive struggles of Brian Schneider, bringing Pudge in to compete for a job makes sense. His .219, 2 HR, 3 RBI performance with the Yanks doesn’t exactly make you feel he has much left, but his leadership skills make you want to at least give it a try.

Orlando Hudson – This is one of the few players I would lose draft picks over. Would he accept a one year deal? It depends on his market, which right now seems thin. The problem with any Hudson signing is dumping Luis Castillo. If the Dodgers could rid themselves of Andruw Jones, then the Mets could try and do the same with Castillo. After all, Jeff Wilpon did talk about “addition by subtraction” numerous times this off season. Wouldn’t a deferred buyout of Castillo fall into that category?

Adam Dunn – Another player that would be difficult to sign to a one year deal. He also is left handed, whereas the Mets really need a righty bat. Could the switch hitting nature of the lineup (Beltran, Reyes, and Castillo) make the left handed argument moot? Probably not, but a career .381 OBP just might.

Andruw Jones – Yes, here we go again. I brought this up a couple of weeks ago with respect to getting rid of Luis Castillo’s contract. He has been released and now is practically free. Jones is the equivalent of me asking you to take a shot at what is behind door #2, and you say no because you’re afraid of the outcome. What do you have to lose if it comes for free?

Bobby Abreu – How can you say no? He is a better fit than Dunn because, although he is lefty, there is a multi-dimensional aspect to his game. The Citi Field wall might scare him, but it’s a lot better than sitting home unemployed. Putting Abreu in the #2 hole, after Reyes, sets the table well for Beltran, Wright, and Delgado. This might be the best option of all.

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3 Responses to Possible One Year Deals

  1. Old Timer

    If they don’t get Perez Abreu makes a lot of sense to me. They will need more offense if #4 and 5 are Redding and Neise or Redding and Pedro, or Redding and Wolf. Even if they get Perez I would love to have Abreu or Dunn.

  2. Pete

    For me this is very obvious. The signing of Redding (a righty) almost ensures that we will sign a lefty pitcher. The only options are Perez or Wolf. Niese is not ready yet and needs more time in AAA. Forget Pettite since he was a steroid user. The Mets won’t go for that. far as bats go, I like the Pudge idea. He seems determined to prove himself and has been working out in Puerto Rico. Orlando Hudson is overrated and isn’t much better or younger than Castillo. Abreu seems to be the best fit for the Mets. He isn’t a head case and hits both righties and lefties. His fellow countrymen Johan and K-Rod would be thrilled to have him here.

  3. James K.

    “Bobby Abreu – How can you say no? He is a better fit than Dunn because, although he is lefty, there is a multi-dimensional aspect to his game.”

    Mike, I fail to see how Abreu is a better fit than Dunn. Let’s crunch the numbers from 2008:

    Abreu: .296/.371/.471, 20 HR, 120 OPS+
    Dunn: .236/.386/.513, 40 HR, 129 OPS+

    Abreu: -25.2 UZR, -24 +/-
    Dunn: -20 UZR, -12 +/-

    Granted, I’m only looking at 2008, but for a guy as old as Abreu, the last year he’s played is the best way to evaluate a player. Dunn outperforms Abreu in every meaningful category except batting average (which we all know means nothing). Plus he’s younger and can be moved to 1B in 2010. Dunn is, objectively, a better fit than Abreu.

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